Physical Therapy

Injury Prevention for the Performance Athlete

Injury Prevention for the Performance Athlete (Dancer) by Taylor Kitkowski, DPT AzOPT Glendale Doctor of Physical Therapy In the world of sports, performance athletes, or dancers, are often overlooked. However, dance requires high levels of physical demands in addition to maintaining a lean body type. These factors make young dancers more susceptible to injuries. Dance…

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Pediatrics: Hippotherapy vs. Adaptive Riding

Pediatrics: Hippotherapy vs. Adaptive Riding by Justine Gonzales, OTR/L Kids Place Central Occupational Therapist The terms hippotherapy and adaptive riding (formally known as therapeutic riding) are commonly misused. While both approaches incorporate the benefits of riding a horse, there are various differences among the two. To ensure children are receiving the most appropriate horseback riding…

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AzOPT NewsPhysical Therapy

Comprehensive Lymphedema Management

AzOPT Goodyear now offers Comprehensive Lymphedema Management Ruth Ann Larsen, a licensed physical therapist currently treating at AzOPT Goodyear, is now certified in Lymphdema management. Ruth Ann is accepting new patients immediately. What is Lymphedema?  Lymphedema is persistent swelling of a limb that does not go down with elevation of that limb. What causes Lymphedema?…

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