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Diabetes and Tour de Cure

10 Dec

Pediatric Orthotics – Why the Heel?

Pediatric Orthotics – Why the Heel? by Kids Place Central Pediatric Physical Therapists As pediatric physical therapists, we often recommend a child be evaluated and fit for a pair of ankle-foot orthotics or AFOs. AFOs are plastic devices ...
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04 Apr

AZOPT Tournament Challenge

For the second year, AZOPT & Kids Place hosted an NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Challenge.  More than 50 provider offices from the West Valley were invited to participate and asked to complete a bracket.  The office who scores ...
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01 Sep

SOTW: Thoracic Extension with Rotation

Stretch of the Week: Thoracic Extension with Rotation By Amanda Gallow, DPT, SCS AZOPT Buckeye Physical Therapist Stretch Type: Dynamic How to Perform: Place a small towel roll or foam roller along the upper portion of your back. With your knees ...
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