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At AzOPT and Kids Place, our mission is to create long lasting results through one-on-one personalized care, detailed explanations, and education.

Physical Therapy

Our highly-educated, licensed physical therapists help patients reduce pain, improve mobility and restore function. Whether you need to return to sports, work, or simply performing daily activities pain free, our physical therapy programs are tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Aquatic Therapy

AzOPT’s aquatic therapy program uses the physical qualities of water as a form of rehabilitation and/or exercise. Aquatic therapy reduces stress and provides a safe, effective environment to reduce swelling, strengthen muscle and improve both function and movement.

Pediatric Therapy

Since 2008, the highly trained and licensed pediatric therapists at Kids Place have worked exclusively with the pediatric population to provide pediatric physical, occupational, speech, and feeding therapy

Specialized Programs

From Women’s Health to balance disorders and Parkinson’s disease to Cancer rehab, AzOPT offers specialized programs that help every patient improve their quality of life!

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At AzOPT & Kids Place, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to Play Better, Function Better, Feel Better, and Live Better. Whether your goal is to return to sports or get out of bed without pain, or for your child to meet milestones and perform skills, we are your best OPTion for therapy. Schedule your appointment today!

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Based on 828 reviews
My first baby (2 and 1/2 years now) needed food therapy at 9 months old, I was recommended to come to Kids place! We loved it here and they worked with us and were very informative and kind! My second baby (10 months old now) needed physical therapy at 6 months and I knew right away I wanted to come back here! Definitely recommend coming here!
AZOPT is absolutely amazing. The staff here are super friendly and very experienced in more than just PT. The crew here is like FAMILY I highly recommend this team and facility for all of your PT needs and more.
Amazing every-time !!It’s always such a delight when we go for my son !
My kids been going here for 4 years now. For many different reasons. Physical, Occupational, Speech and more. This place is an amazing place to bring your kids always nice and clean place.
Excellent personalized care from knowledgeable therapists.
I was very pleased with the physical therapy I received from Cassidy. I had therapy twice a week for 6 weeks that was ordered by my neurosurgeon. My insurance had insisted that I do 6 weeks of therapy prior to authorizing surgery. I am now having surgery this week. If I need PT after surgery, I definitely will return to this facility. Not only was I able to begin my therapy sooner at this facility than anywhere else in town, I was very impressed with the whole experience offered here. I liked the idea of it being a smaller facility and felt I got very individualized/personalized care.
Great place for physical therapy whether intense or minor injury. Good reception at front desk and Drew was an excellent therapist. Highly recommend this office.
I had a great experience with Enis as my physical therapist. He was professional, knowledgeable, and helped me significantly with my back pain. I appreciated his attentive and personalized approach during our sessions. Highly recommend!"
Ms.Sarah in PT and Ms. Amanda in OT have provided fun, high quality therapies for my child with autism.
We have been coming here on what is now about 3 months , my son’s communication has progressed tremendously. He comes once a week and the therapist he has had while being here are awesome! They explain the process , after every appointment they tell you what they did , what your child did while doing the activities and what needs to be worked on. You have the option of going in with your child or staying in the waiting room. I have found it more effective when he goes in by himself as I’m not there trying to “help” him with what he’s being asked to do (mom things) and allowing him to figure things out on his own. Staff is great I have not had an issue since inception.
My son loves coming every week & has improved in speech significantly since coming here!
AZOPT (Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy) is an outstanding Physical Therapy Clinic. The Therapists and supporting staff here are understanding and very professional people. I’ve been in their care for more than two years with excellent results. Unfortunately, my care will continue for the rest of my life. I feel fortunate to have this quality Clinic to help me.
Such a great staff. They are always super kind and helpful.
I’ve been taking my 5 month old here for 3 months now and his level of progress is amazing! Sarah is awesome and the entire staff is so friendly and nice. They’re also very quick with responses.
My son has been coming here since he was 2 years old. He is currently 5. The staff are so friendly and welcoming, not only to my son but to myself. Some days are hard and discouraging but the staff are so supportive. We love kids place and my son looks forward to coming here every week.
Our child is very shy but loves coming to see Mrs. Sara and Mrs. Addie ! We love AZ orthopedic PT 🤍 10/10 recommend couldn’t recommend them enough !
I've been going to physical therapy sincer March and they are awesome and professional ,Jordan ,Elvira and all the rest make you feel relaxed and at ease it's a very good environment. I recommend AZPOT there great!
Don’t know where to start! First and foremost I love the front desk staff, they’re so friendly and welcoming every visit. Had a bit of car trouble so my scheduling has been hectic and they’re more than willing to help find a time that works best and have no problem with rescheduling. I’ve dealt with many rude front desk workers to the point I don’t feel comfortable calling when needing to reschedule out of wanting to avoid any kind of conflict but they are so sweet and welcoming! Now for the actual physical therapy, I’ve been working with Jordan for a few weeks now(granted I had no car and hadn’t seen him for a couple weeks) he was still welcoming and concerning upon return. He’s so friendly and easy going to make you feel the most comfortable. This isn’t my first time at PT for an injury but I will say this is the first time I’ve been to one where I feel my concerns are actually heard and dealt with rather than someone trying to get me in and out of therapy. Jordan also helps me understand the extent of my injury and also does not shy away from showing you diagrams and pictures of the injured area to help you better understand what is and would be going on injury wise and therapy wise!!! Love the education, the energy, the warm welcomes and their music is also top tier lol!Thank you azopt for helping me get back to my everyday !
AZ OPT is by far the best PT clinic in town. Drew helped me in my recovery from ankle surgery. Now, he is helping my 80 year old mother after breaking her femur. He is kind and patient and pushes you just the right amount, maintaining focus while keeping it light and fun. AZ OPT keeps with the actual physical therapist during your visits. No pawning you off on aides. It really helps track your progress and understanding of your recovery. Nancy in the office is amazing, too. Cannot recommend AZ OPT highly enough.
I had both my knees replaced in the last year and AzOPT was the most convenient PT facility from my home. The therapists pushed me to my limit and I was able to get to a range of motion of 0/144. They were compassionate yet tough. They listened to my personal story and understood my needs. They made me feel like a superhero with my accomplishment. Thank you Matt and Casey!
I wish I could give a 100 stars to Matt and Casey (Sorry if I misspelled your name,) These two people have been very patient, very caring and most of all very personable, which is very important to me. It helps me to be able and relax around people I don't know. Which allows me to feel and think more clearly leading to my understanding of whats going on. If I am feeling anxious and nervous. I clam up don't talk don't listen clearly, to busy wanting to get away. Matt and Casey Both have a wonderful way of making every single person that walks through the door , of feeling welcomed their issues are important, And you know they are listening to you and will work to ease your concerns. I love these guys. If I every need Physical Therapy again AzOpt is the place I will go. Thank you .
The staff here is incredible! My son (almost 26 mos) is seeing Miss Addy for Speech and I already see changes. He’s been delayed in his milestones since he came 6 weeks early. Miss Addy is loving and patient. Can’t wait to see how much my son grows here!
Have been to so many clinics, this is by far the best. I have three clinics within 10 minutes from my house and I choose to drive 35 minutes just to come see everyone here. The staff Drew, Kennedy and Nancy are all great!
Thank you to AzOPT for everything Drew awesome PT and has helped me tremendously.Highly recommended
Love Kennedy, Drew, and Nancy at AZOPT. Kennedy pushes me everytime towards my recovery from a tore ACL and back surgery. They are professional and have a great sense of humor, positive energy. Highly recommend them for Physical Therapy.
The staff at AzOPT are wonderful, they're all very friendly. My physical therapy experience, thus far, has been great. They've been able to diagnose the problem I've been having and are working with me to improve my mobility. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
I have been working with Drew for the last few months. I started physical therapy due to a bad injury on my leg and hip. I was scared and discouraged thinking that using a walker was the best my walking was going to get. After the first session, I was able to see improvement! Physical therapy is not for the lazy or undetermined for sure. Drew is encouraging and knows exactly what muscle needs to be worked on to see progress. I am proud to say I am taking steps without any assistance. I am not there yet, but I know I will be returning to normal very soon! I highly suggest AzOPT.
I had a great experience at AZOPT. Everything has been excellent and Brooke is great! On a scale from 1-10 I give 10s.
Everytime I came, I was greeted with a smile and genuine acknowlegement. Matthew was my therapist. His knowledge and approach to my treatment gave me confidence in successful healing from my ailment beyond my sessions there.
I had rotator cuff repair on my right shoulder in December.Matt is the BEST Physical Therapist I have ever gone to. He really cares about his patients and takes the time to work with you. He is kind, patient, & professional.Andrea at the front desk is also wonderful. She is sweet and kind and always works with you.THANK YOU Matt& Andrea for all that you do for us patients. I would recommend AzOPT to anyone who needs physical therapy.
Throughout the years I’ve been very active in the outdoors, and in the roping and cowboy industry. Two knee surgeries, a right shoulder surgery, and recently a left shoulder surgery later, I find myself once again in physical therapy. Eris has probably been the best Physical Therapist so far. Thanks Eris!
My kids seem very comfortable with the team they willingly go with no problem so that’s amazing to me. Very friendly staff too!
My son has been receiving services from kids place since he was 3. We have seen such an improvement in his speech and motor skills since. we are extremely appreciative of all the wonderful therapist who have been there to help him grow! Highly recommend!
Enis worked with me over a period of 9 months. I fell while jogging, breaking my upper arm and dislocating my shoulder. Enis never lost faith and walked me through some difficult times...and I'm hear to tell the story. Thanks, Enis!
I had PT with Casey over the course of about 4 months for OA in my hips. Through PT, not only did my pain level go down, but I also regained my confidence in walking/hiking again and my balance improved. I thank you, Casey and AzOPT Prescott for all the help!
It was so pleasant. The staff made me feel at home. There very professional and knowledgeable on what they do. It's the best!!!!
Wonderful experience there. Very professional and friendly. I recommend this out patient therapy to anyone.
My son sees Abby for PT, she is amazing! She does explain everything they do, his improvement and set goals for him. My son loves coming here and has been improving so much. Everyone is very nice there and never had any issues.
Pamela has been wonderful. She has been very informative about my rotator cuff PT. I recommend this facility to others.
I see Matt and he is really great. He works with what you can do and is able to help you feel comfortable quickly! I recommend az otp to anybody! I haven’t had acacia but I am able to see they form meaningful relationships with their clients!
My treatment with LaDamian was a success. I haven’t felt this strong in a while. Two softball tourneys with no knee pain.
I highly recommend AZ OPT for Speech therapy. I been bringing my son here for months and his improvement has increased. Thankful for this department. I appreciate The staff and his Speech therapist Allyssa for her expertise in the field. She Makes it easy and fun for Lorenzo and yet still learning with his ending sounds and also a better understanding of how the speech therapy process goes which is amazing to know as a parent. Thank you all! Definitely 5 Stars earned!
My daughter and son have been going here for a few years for speech therapy and we love the therapists here! They are working with Mason right now and he makes it fun and they get excited to go to speech therapy.
Ricki was my PT for a vestibular problem and did a great job getting me feeling normal again. She is now rehabbing me for a total knee replacement. She is so kind, knowledgeable and encouraging. Highly recommend this business for any therapy you may need.
My daughter has been receiving speech and occupational services here at AZOPT for about 3 years and it’s been an amazing experience for my daughter, wife and I. We went through several different therapy services elsewhere and AZOPT in Goodyear services is above all. Mason, my daughter’s therapist, is always very joyful and welcoming to my daughter. I’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth in her since the start of her services here. “Mr. Mason” as my daughter calls him has been such an important factor in her growth and she is always excited to see him. He has truly guided her through her journey in overcoming and managing her challenges. As a parent, this is such a wonderful feeling and I am grateful to have such a great therapist and team supporting my daughter. Thank you so much Mason and the rest of AZOPT team!!!
Casey has been great working on both my knee replacements to get my range of motion and strength back!
We see Amanda for OT and Julie for speech. They are amazing with my son and he has made so much progress. So thankful for these awesome ladies!
Absolutely recommend this place. Very accommodating and friendly staff.I like the open concept of the place and the location is perfect for us. 👍
My physical therapist Mike has literally changed my life! After my back surgery I thought I'd never improve, but thanks to him and AzOPT the changes are incredible! I will recommend AzOPT to anyone in need of help!Thank you Mike!
My son has blossomed since he started therapy last summer! He loves his therapist and enjoys attending his sessions each week. Sessions are fun and tailored to my son’s likes but most importantly his needs. His therapists are very receptive to my input and elicit it at each session as well as provide me with details of progress and what he is working on.
We love Kids Place West! The therapists are awesome and they discuss your child’s treatment plan every time they go for therapy! We are so glad that our friend suggested this place!
Have you ever met someone you TRUST with your child? Mr. Mason is that person! My son lovesss Mr. Mason and going to speech therapy. Seeing him blossom from very low interaction with people to being excited when we turn the corner and know where we are going has been awesome! Our family knows he is in good hands and that he will learn and thrive. Thank you so much!
New patient, loving it so far! Very accommodating as well….
From my messed up ankle to my current inflamed shoulder/neck area (we’re talking Quasimodo hump, folks!), Casey at AZOPT has been a god send! The staff is exceptional, but she shines!!
My Daughter has been through speech for 2 years with Lauren and she is absolutely amazing! We also have done OT and feeding! The staff is amazing and I highly recommend them!
Ms.Dannette is our favorite!😊 She knows exactly how to handle my son.
My daughter has been getting therapy here for years. She has improved so much and we’ve loved all the amazing therapists she’s got to work with and meet.
We are very pleased with AZOPT; they have been great with my son, who can be a little difficult.
Best physical therapy clinic I have ever been to! Drew and Kennedy are both amazing, they are so knowledgable and really want you to succeed in your recovery. PT days are my favorite days of the week because of AZOPT 🙂 Nancy at the front is also amazing!! So accommodating and kind. Highly recommend coming here if you are in need of PT.
Our experience with Azopt Goodyear Kids Place West has been truly the greatest they have really guided through our daughter’s development journey and we have seen so much improvement in our daughter. The receptionist are lovely they take the time to accommodate you the best way possible and the therapist are amazing, super helpful, and patient my daughter loves her OT and ST therapist. We LOVE Azopt!
These folks ROCK…from Casi (the therapist), to Andrea and Jackie (the front desk gals), my husband was treated professionally, yet always with smiles and helpful attitudes. Would recommend to anyone needing physical therapy 👍💯!! Thank you AZOPT 🫶
My son has been seeing PT, OT, and speech for a few years! We love coming here! You can really tell all the therapists love the kids and are so attentive to their needs. I highly recommend them to everyone with a child that has special needs.
Amazing customer service!Jacklyn, Jasmin & Xena are the sweetest & always greet every person that comes in! My kids alternate therapists and have been going for 2 years and we have not encountered one bad experience at all nor have we came across a therapist or employee at AZOPT-West that we did not like !This is the best place for your child’s needs 100%!!Mariah’s Miracle is how we came across AZOPT-West- My son was the first grant recipient Mariah’s Miracle (Mariah was a therapist with AZOPT when her beautiful soul was once here and before she had caught cancer and passed away). My son was referred by Brad Scott to AZOPT and it was honestly the best decision coming with this place!! All our needs were 100% met! ❤️
This is the best kids therapy in town! We’ve been working with Brittany and Stephanie for a while and they are both amazing with our kids. The whole staff is super friendly and work well with us whenever needed.
Amanda is the best! She's great with my kids and they love her. ❤️ she worked with my oldest son, and now with my youngest. She's very sweet and patient.
AzOpt has been the answer to my prayers! I love that every person you work with is a Dr. Of Physical Therapy and they are with you throughout your entire appointment. No assistants, no techs. I have regularly worked with Sydney. She has been amazing! She is so thorough and conscientious and has helped me have great progress recovering from my shoulder surgery. And she’s very good at dry needling! I’ve also worked with Mike. He is a real character and makes PT fun! However he is super hard nosed in making sure you you are doing every movement correctly and pushing yourself to get the most benefit. My only complaint is that he wears weird shoes on Wednesdays. Go to AzOpt! You’ll be in the best hands!
I have found Mason my grandsons speech therapist and Carrie his Occasional therapist are warm and welcoming. He is improving each week with their knowledge and guidance. After each session each therapist gives me an update on what they worked on and achievements he is making. The receptionists are very welcoming and take the time to learn each child’s name.My grandsons is all smiles when we get there.I highly recommend Kids Place for your little one!
I recently had total knee replacement surgery and AZOPT helped me to get back on the baseball field after only 3 months of PT. They had challenging and fun exercises and knew how to get the most out of me. I am 67 years old and highly recommend AZOPT if you are in need of physical therapy!
If y'all have a kiddo who is in need of Speech, OT, PT or any other therapy that they offer, this should be your go to place. The front office staff is very helpful and have easy ways to communicate. We have seen multiple therapists for speech & OT but mainly Mason & Kelsey. However they are all amazing!!! & I have seen a huge improvement in my kiddo! Along with her being excited to go!
It’s been five years since I take my daughter here for therapies every week. I’ve been trying multiple places before, but I wasn’t happy with none of them. This is the best place to take your child in for therapies, the most caring and loving people and they really take their job seriously. Janette PT, Jessica OT, Michelle ST/FT. Love them!
It's great
Staff is so friendly and so communicative. I have always been able to ask questions and get an answer. I appreciate them always being so friendly and kind.
Tyler is great
The staff here are so great. They make you feel welcome. I love coming here and working but also socialize with everyone. I don't want to say who's the best they all are including the secretaries who are so sweet. So with that said cassyis my pick but everyone gets my vote. That you for all you do. I highly recommend this facility to all that ask. Thank you everyone!!
This place is amazing. My son was a toe walker and it was ignored for years since he was otherwise normal. I decided to do an evaluation here and they were incredible. Ms. Brittany spent extensive time getting to know him and doing a thorough assessment. She laid out his plan and let me know exactly what I should expect. After each session, we know exactly what to work on for the week. Within a few weeks, we’ve already seen drastic improvement. I highly recommend this facility and therapist.
My wife had to get a new PT place and she came across AzOPT. After reading all the great reviews about Kennedy and Drew she was eager but nervous to go. With having such a complicated case Kennedy works very well with my Wife and she actually doesn't mind going! Let's mention front office staff (Nancy), ALWAYS on top of the game keeping the therapists in line 🤣.11 out of 10 stars! 🌟
Great therapist ... thank you for helping me walk again. The reassurances and information help tremndously. Appeiciate the positive upbeat and friendliness of my therapist Amity.
Mike is my therapist. He is a very polite, funny guy who knows what he’s doing and how to treat my poor aching body. I trust him and he helps me. Andrea is the sweetest ever and needs to go train some of these other front desk ladies at other businesses and teach them how to be professional and nice. All are very friendly and I will still be coming to AzOPT for a while. Thank you for all you do for me.
Abby and Christy are my baby’s therapists and they are both great they have really helped my baby a lot with her growth after her traumatic birth
Professional and friendly staff. Like the balance of exercises and hands on massage. Karim upfront about length of therapy and what can be done for recovering from wrist fracture. Would definitely use their services again
We were VERY nervous finding a new clinic and PT for our special needs son who had aged out of pediatric PT. I was especially nervous given Kennedy didn't have a lot of prior experience working with complicated bodies.I can't even begin to express my relief and gratitude for Kennedy being AMAZING! She has not shied from the challenge and has helped my son grow more than he has in years. And even when she feels a little stuck, she reaches out to the AzOPT Pediatric team to get their input.Amazing team, amazing staff, yes, calling you out Nancy! SO VERY HAPPY to be a part of AzOPT!
Michael has been a great help for my knee pain. He’s very knowledgeable and makes the sessions fun and engaging. Highly recommend this place.
I love AzOPT. From the warm welcome checking in with Andrea at the front desk to the caring expertise of the therapists Matt, Acacia and Sydney. You know you are in good hands and the results are fantastic! They run on time and take all the concerns you have in mind and address each and every one!
Everyone is very friendly from the front desk to my therapists. They take the time to explain each exercise making sure I'm doing the proper form. They really seem to care about my recovery and hitting my goals. I would definitely recommend them.
Drew and Kennedy are great! So is Nancy in the front office. This is my 3rd time going to them and they always get me back to 100%.
Kim is the best childrens PT. Appreciate all the hard work with hank.Very communicative and patient
Michel, my P.T. person, keeps things simple and knows what he is doing! I have lower back issues and the exercises he gives me really help - enough that I don't forget to do them! He also does dry-needling which was a technique new to me. And yes it really helps. Yesterday I had my first pain-free day in months. Thank you Michel!
It was wonderful to be managed and helped to improve by such a caring and professional staff at AzOPT!! Thank you for your skills and understanding...and sense of humor!!
Everyone at AzOPT in Gilbert was super kind and they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I was nervous after having a bad experience at a different company, but Kennedy eased my mind right away. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and loved ones with PT needs. 😊
I am 68 years old and came to AZ OPT three weeks after falling while jogging. I had suffered a broken arm and dislocated shoulder. Needless to say, my shoulder was basically immobile. My doctor referred to it as post-traumatic frozen shoulder. Enis worked with me for many months to regain a full range of motion. He remained positive throughout my treatment, even when I felt that life as I knew it was gone forever. I can now sleep and live without pain. Thanks, Enis, for a job well done!
I have struggled with extreme spine pain for years trying to avoid invasive measures. Drew Satterfield my PT introduced me to dry needling today, my second visit. I have NEVER before walked away pain free from any treatment, even trigger point injections by my spine specialist! I am literally without words...AND WITHOUT PAIN. This literally feels like some sort of 'miracle' if you can believe it. I still can't! THANK YOU DREW! ☺️😁
Enis and the entire staff at AzOPT are very accommodating and helpful not only with physical therapy but also with scheduling. I had ACL surgery and needed to find a therapy facility that would not only accept my insurance, but also work with my schedule conflicts. Thank goodness AzOPT was open late (until 7 pm) and therapist Enis is really understanding and motivating towards helping me in my recovery process. Thank you Enis and Christy!
The entire team at AZOPT has been amazing to work with! The front desk staff are kind and attentive to your needs and patient with scheduling concerns. The therapists themselves are absolutely amazing! They listen, adjust, and challenge me to be the best version of myself! I highly recommend AZOPT to anyone looking for ortho PT.
One year ago, Drew and his team were able to rehab my shoulder about 4 months faster than my surgeon thought it would take. And they were amazing the entire time. Well, when i hurt my other shoulder, i knew with out a doubt that i would come back to see Drew again. The entire team is top notch. I highly recommend AZOPT!
Dr. Drew worked directly with my 72 yr old husband and was able to get range of motion back in his broken elbow, forearm and wrist. He worked in strengthening his legs following radiation treatment and a fall. He identified the weak areas to prevent falling again and worked diligently to bring them back up to par. Drew connected with my rather introverted husband and there wasn’t a day my husband refused to go see Dr. Drew. Dr. Drew showed a desire to make his weaknesses into strengths to improve his balance, shared the correct technique to use a cane when Mike is on uneven ground and stretched his legs and hips to allow for more comfortable sitting positions. Dr. Drew remained vigilant over Mike’s safety and worked directly with him or was within visual range to correct or guide Mike. Mike found Dr. Drew to be the best physical therapist he’s had over many years of intermittent physical therapy.
My time spent with the staff at AzOPT is great. Everyone is so friendly and open and supportive. I recently moved from Gilbert, about one mile from AzOPT, to Scottsdale. But I like going to AzOPT so much I decided not to look for a new physical therapy office closer to home. Truly, the staff is great. 😊
My experience at AZOPT has been great Nancy and everyone at the front desk are super nice.Drew has been great and has helped me in my recovery from foot surgery. I would recommend them to anyone. Best clinic I’ve been to.
Kennedy, Drew, Wally and front desk team are great. Great customer service. Kennedy is my therapist and she is awesome. She gives me the attention when you are there the whole time. Great service team!!
I am 69 years old and have struggled with a bad back/neck all of my life. Of course, this has involved many rounds of physical therapy. I can honestly say that coming to AZ Opt-Goodyear is the best experience ever. The Goodyear team is friendly, efficient and very knowlagable. Not only is the front office staff great, but I have an amazing therapist, Kareem. He puts me through my paces with a very hands on approach. First time I've ever this. "I enjoy going to physical thereapy." The work is hard, but the results are substantial.
My son’s torticollis (and related feeding/sleeping issues) was not resolved after doing OMM for several weeks. After one visit of seeing Ethan for PT, I noticed a distinct difference in his overall happiness throughout the day as well as his willingness to nurse. And he has not regressed!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Been here for a couple injuries over a few years and everyone is fantastic. Thank you AZOpt for getting me well again!!
Casey was wonderful. I can be more please with her therapy on my shoulder and the professionalism of the facility.
This is my second experience with AZOPT, once for a knee injury andust lately for an ankle problem. Dan worked with my ankle. He was very professional, and thorough. Always on time. I highly recommend this facility and Dan!
Alexis is marvelous! The entire place is wonderful. A truly amazing experience especially when a person has been injured and is in need of therapy, this is a terrific place to seek help!
I cannot overstate how much i appreciate Logan. My referral for a left arm pain seemed hopeless. Through his guidance, I have lifetime skills to help maintain strength and also alleviate pain in my right arm from Arthritis.It’s not just a physical therapy…I enjoyed the encouragement for a mental therapy.Thank you, Logan!
I have Multiple Sclerosis and was nearly in a wheelchair when I started going to AzOPT. Since then I have not needed my walker, nor have I gotten so weak that the wheelchair would be needed at all. My balance has improved, but my strength has surpassed anything I could have imagined! I can do things that I haven't done in years! My heartfelt thanks to the entire team at AzOPT!
My dr recommended physical therapy for pain and stiffness in my neck. I was very hesitant as I didn’t see how that was going to help. But to my surprise after about the third visit there was a huge difference. My PT was Michael Levin. He was great. Everyone, Casey, Mat, and Michael and office staff at Prescott AzOpt were great. Definitely recommend this facility for any physical therapy needs. 100% satisfied and glad I went.
Hey, I'm already a winner by going to Arizona orthopedic physical therapy! I started working with Enis in Sept of 23' through Jan 24' after having knee replacement surgeries. He was absolutely amazing at connecting with me on a personal level and helped me tremendously with keeping my head in the game and worked with me during my sessions to get my mobility back! Enis is very knowledgeable and was able to explain my pain and status of my progression to me each day I attended PT. Enisis a rock star at Az Ortho, and I feel blessed to have found him and the Arizona Orthopedic clinic on Glendale and 99th Ave.
Kennedy Greene, Thanks a million for ALL your help to get me moving with a new knee replacement. You're my 'David Copperfield'. Your 'patience' working with me was absolutely appreciated. You know your job very well. Thanks again 🙂
Excellent therapists that really know their stuff. A special shout out to Alex, who got me back to tennis after 2 shoulder surgeries.
Love everyone here. They are so nice and thorough. You don’t feel rushed and they pay attention to your needs. This our go to for PT. No long wait times and they take the time to get to know you and welcome you personally when you come in. 10/10
Love this place my daughter has learned so much with her speech therapy. Would recommed...
I went to my doctor for a groin pain. After Ultra Sound and a CT Scan discovered nothing visible, I was sent to AzOPT Physical Therapy. Right away, Cassidy discovered a hip and inner thigh muscle strain. After a few weeks of massage and various exercises, the discomfort began to dissipate. He and Chris worked my hip and leg muscles to where I was more flexible and understanding my limitations.Both gentlemen were very patient and made me feel comfortable. They were both extremely knowledgeable and shared reasons for the therapy I was receiving.I can't say enough good things about these two gentlemen and the friendly staff.Thank you AzOPT.
Everyone there are great people and really nice they helped me with what I needed I will come back if I ever need too
I am so grateful to AZOPT of Buckeye for being there through my knee replacement PT and recovery. Staff were kind and friendly. A special shout out to therapists Cassidy and Ricky for pushing me with encouragement and education to get through the tough days. I will definitely return for future physical therapy needs.
My 13 year old son was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlotter with pain below the kneecap. With about 5 weeks of physical therapy with Kareem and he was pain free. I highly recommend AzOPT for your physical therapy needs!
Very knowledgeable therapists and front desk staff. They helped me get my shoulder moving.
Awesome staff amd people here!
This place was great The staff was very welcoming and friendly. I came in with some back pain and my physical therapist Karim was very helpful in showing me some exercises that could help. Luckily I was able to get relief. If you are looking for a good place to go, i definitely recommend this place
My son had PT here for his ankle, his therapists Karim and Brooke are totally amazing. They were very thorough and listened to his needs. Highly recommend this place
This place has been accommodating above and beyond. I told them the frustrations I had with Piller child development and they have done everything to make us feel welcome. Definitely recommend bringing your kiddos here for OT and speech. I am waiting on a feeding eval for one of my kiddos. I will update on e we start that.
I have used AzOPT in Buckeye twice in the last 5 years. The first time was for rehab from shoulder replacement surgery the staff and particularly the therapist was excellent. The result drove me to the selection and to use AzOPT for muscular issues and with neck pain. As it has turned out to be the best decision yet. The young lady who was assigned is amazing and she took a unique path of not only resolving the muscular issues but she used a whole body approach. The results were fantastic it helped me straighten my neck but my posture is now much better resulting in a much better me. Thank you Ricki for all your support
AZOPT is far and above any other therapy facility, period. All of the staff share in the successes that you make in your progression. They actually care about the patients and work carefully to help them progress so that they can enjoy life as pain-free and mobile as possible. Tyler worked with me and is the best therapist that I've ever worked with. In my opinion, if you want a healthier and better life, make sure you go to an AZOPT therapy facility!
I love kids place and Dannette is a fantastic physical therapist! My daughter has improved tremendously in the short time we have been coming.
This place is amazing!
From my daughter who came to PT post foot surgery, “Ricki helped me get back to walking and other things I love like jumping on my trampoline.😁😊😀🙂”
I took my infant to see Liz for torticollis. She was amazing and helped so much. He’s now so strong and thriving!
Amazing experience!! I have been in and out of physical therapy for 7 years for my chronic back pain due to a previous injury all with varyimg degrees of success. Recently I re-injured my back and was sent to AzOPT. This is the first physical therapy that I have gone to that not only treated the the injury but listened to what I was feeling physically and set me up with the tools to keep my back strong and prevent further aggravation in the future. Dr. Karim Mahnmoud is by far the most knowledgeable Physical therapist I have been to!
Very caring, and extremely helpful staff! I have been working with Tyler and he is absolutely fantastic! I have had vertigo for about 25 years and he is the first person to help me with it! I highly recommend AZOPT!!!
We have brining our 2 yo (Stormy) here for about 7 months. We see Katie, Eliza and Sarah. They have all had such an AMAZING impact on our kiddos needs. Stormy loves to come see her "friends" here at Azopt.We are very thankful for all their help!❤️
I had severe hip, back, and pelvic pain. I saw my GP and GYN and had CT scans and X-rays performed and both doctors were at a loss for diagnosis. So, Hailey recommended I come to AZOPT and I was scheduled by the most amazing woman, Nancy, in their Gilbert office to see a PT named Kennedy. I cannot thank her and the office enough for the support and work they did with me. Kennedy determined I had weak pelvic floor muscles and began working on my muscles through massage and targeted therapy; then she had me work through a series of cumulative exercises and voila! The pain subsided and I am feeling so much better! This office is absolutely fantastic and I can’t recommend Kennedy and Drew enough!
I had a great experience with the staff at AzOPT. Making an appointment was easy and the front desk gals are so friendly. I saw Kennedy for some knee and leg pain and she really took her time with me. All the exercises and recommendations have helped and I’m pain free for my workouts now!
I absolutely loved this place! The staff are very welcoming and friendly. My physical therapist Jasmine, has a very bright and kind personality. She is professional in what she does and she is great at explaining the exercises. She really listens to her patients needs and works out a proper plan to get them on the right track. Before coming here I could only walk for a short amount of time before it would cause me pain. Now that i am finished with my sessions, i am able to get back to doing the things that i love! If you are looking for a good place to go, i definitely recommend this place!
I had a long road of recovery. Logan was my physical therapist. He is awesome. He understood the difficulty of my recovery process and knew when to push me.
Every time I go to this place I leave happy. Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable and I’m so much better. I’m so glad I picked this place.
The staff is very professional , and very friendly. Cassidy is my therapist amd very very knowledgeable. I wouldn't go to any other place for physical therapy.
I have been going to AzOPT for 12 weeks after rotator cuff surgery. I would recommend this location to anyone that has PT needs for ANY reason.The reception staff is super friendly, and while only personally working with 2 therapists, I can tell by overhearing others working with patients, they care about your goals in obtaining their services.They will be my first call for any future PT needs! Thanks stsff!!!
I was in a car accident in February and when ready for PT I chose the Goodyear location in my neighborhood!The staff is amazing, Logan, my therapist is the best!!He is kind, thorough, and detailed, and has truly helped me through the pain.The options of dry needling and cupping are really effective, and his skill is var none!!At the front desk Ivette and Julissa are equally fabulous!!They communicate via text, which I love (!) and phone calls if I wish.They are so friendly and professional, and their communication skills are excellent! Julissa has taken another location, and she will be missed!I’m grateful sweet Ivette is there!All in all a rating of 10+ in my book!!❤️Lori MGoodyear AZ
Tyler is a great therapist. He really gets to know you and tailors your treatment specifically to you and what you want to accomplish. He listens and actually hears your concerns. His fingers are pokey but are just what the doctor ordered. If you want a therapist who genuinely cares and gets results at the same time, ask for Tyler!
Bobbi at AZOPT Buckeye has provided aquatic PT for our son for the past year or so. Jaxon has improved so much he is now riding a bike and is so much more comfortable on the playground. We not only saw a huge improvement in his physical skills but in his social and functional skills as well. So pleased that we were given this opportunity to see our son grow. Thank you Bobbi!!
Amanda and Sarah are truly amazing therapist! Very grateful to have found such an amazing place! They are so kind and have such patience for my daughter. Truly appreciate all they do! Definitely recommend!
When I came in my toes barely bent and my feet were swollen. My feet aches and I couldn’t play Pickleball. Within 3.5 weeks of visits, Karim identified that I should elevate my feet at night while sleeping and wear compression socks. That eliminated the swelling. His exercises freed up my toes. My toes are moving better now and my feet are not in pain. I am playing Pickleball pain free once again. Nice job!!’
I have worked with both Drew and Kennedy and they have been fantastic. Every time I come in they are welcoming and playful which contribute to an overall enjoyable experience. Kennedy has been my primary therapist in the time that I have been attending. Although drew has tried to make a move to bring me over to his side due to his intrigue with my injury, however I insist on sticking with Kennedy. She’s very insightful, caring and patient with all who have come in. She also goes out of her way to ensure that recovery is going as smoothly as possible with implementation of adaptive exercises so that whatever the injury recovery becomes not just a goal but an end result. Both therapist have done a great job with being welcoming and showing their passion for their work. I feel very lucky to be in their care.
Both my boys are being seen by Ms.Addy and Mrs.Eliza. My boys love coming here and and enjoy getting to learn while playing.Thank you ladies ❤️
6 stars if I could! My son is 6 and has had trouble with sensory & emotional regulation so we started coming here almost a year ago now and we have seen a lot of progress from him! They’re really helping him come out of his shell.Big thanks to Amanda and her team, you guys are wonderful. Keep up the stellar work 🫡
I highly recommend AZOPT. I had a major back surgery in 2020, spinal fusion/rib resection, and I wasn’t recovering as I hoped doing things on my own. So I started seeing Kennedy at the beginning of August and I’ve improved every single week!Again, I highly recommend this place!
Drew is doing a good job and putting up with to me
I've been going through a work related injury for my neck/shoulder. Daniel has been so great, he's super nice and understanding. He takes his time explaining everything and doesnt mind my questions or input. With his help ive been making great progress towards healing. I highly recommend Daniel!
Hands down best physical therapy place I have ever been! Everyone here is so friendly and knowledgeable. Jordan and Rikki are really good; they challenge you but know not to push too hard.
Tyler is excellent!! I’ve been coming to him for the past 10 years and its been a wonderful experience every single time! If you ever need help with your pain and are an athlete, I highly recommend AzOPT.
Love this occupational physical therapy place! Therapists are experienced, caring, and help to get your life back to a functioning state. I especially think Cassidy is an excellent therapist. You can tell the whole office works together as a team to benefit the client. Thank you, AZOPT, for helping me to get my life back.
Bobbi has been fantastic with our boy. She's exceedingly patient, knowledgeable and very kind and understanding. We will only see her. Very helpful and does what's best for the kiddos. Can't say enough kind things about her and her staff.
We love seeing Bobbi! She is so patient and kind with our 3 year old during his aquatic therapy. She is so knowledgeable and helpful with anything he or anyone in our family needs! Our son has been seen by her for about 8 months and we have definitely seen a huge improvement. Also the front office staff has always been kind and helpful.
Kennedy has been amazing in helping me to get my strength and range of motion back on track after my surgery. She has really been most kind and caring person that I could have asked for during this process of my breast cancer journey. If you need to see a PT, Kennedy is your gal!
I love AzOPT so far! My therapist Kennedy is helping me make huge strides already with my shoulder instability. I would highly recommend her if you’re looking for great personalized care!
Drew is kind and makes physical therapy fun!
I have had the honor to work with Kennedy the past 4 weeks and she is the best! She really listens to how you are feeling when you come in and really pushes you in the best way possible!
My daughter has worked with Bobbi her PT at AZOPT for several years, and the physical therapy she gets in the pool twice a week is something she looks forward every week!!Bobbi is amazing and does such a wonderful job at making PT fun while also working to help my daughter achieve her PT goals that we have discussed. We really couldn’t ask for a better therapist or a better experience!!
Been attending for about 3 months due to disc herniation at age 19. I am almost how I was pre-injury, and Karim did a great job curating the process of treatment.
I came in with a shoulder dislocation problem and Cassidy was the man for the job. Cas talked in detail about what we would be improving and described why my shoulder kept dislocating. With only limited time because of my schedule, our visits were intense and well planned out. I feel great and would definitely recommend.
The therapist are considerate and listen to you while you describe your pain. They give exercises to do at home and smile a lot.
Had a wonderful experience working with Jasmine!!! 🙂 She is very thorough and explains what steps we are taking to progress in therapy. She understands and sees when to push you to get you through that specific exercise. She talks to you just like a friend not a patient. Started with her after knee surgery at a zero bend and now I am at 90 degrees. Highly recommend Jasmine and the Goodyear location.
I have been working with Drew at Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy in Gilbert for the past 4 weeks to rehab a left knee injury. He has been instrumental in my recovery. Drew has laid out a comprehensive plan that encourages me to strengthen the muscles & tendons surrounding my injured knee. I look forward to the continued improvement in my strength and stability. Very professional and knowledgeable.
I drive from Phoenix to this location. Everyone at this location is friendly and professional from the front desk to the therapists. My son has Aquatic Therapy and he is doing great. He is making improvements in just a short amount of time. I started seeing Tyler for PT while my son is in his and is amazing. I highly recommend this location. I am private pay and explained I can only come as often as my finances allow and I was not bullied or felt bad like I was at other physician offices.
Drew is the best therapist I ever work with. I like way to handle thing’s
I had a great experience with seeing Karim. I’ve had PT done at other locations and this has been by far the best experience. The entire staff is very friendly overall and Karim was willing to work around exercises that work best for me while still pushing that limit. The best part is that he is willing to actually pinpoint a problem. For me it was both shoulders and he was able to painfully massage certain points of inflammation to help reduce it.Overall 10/10 experience…i hope i don’t have to come back but if i do I’ll request Karim for sure!
My go to place for PT!
Dannette is fantastic! My baby boy is 5 months and has been coming since he was 1 1/2 months and he absolutely loves her. She’s helped us out a lot! She knows exactly how to get his attention and can patiently work with him especially when it’s a difficult day!
I like Kennedy because she really listens to me before deciding an appropriate therapy session for that day. She also listens to her hands as she does her examination and what may be going on, before making a diagnosis. I would highly recommend her.
I have been seeing Kennedy at AZOPT for several months. The entire staff has made feel as if I were their only patient. The treatment plan Kennedy has implemented has allowed me to actually heal quickly. I have a great deal of confidence in Kennedy
Jasmine Lhotka is great. Very personable, engaging, knowledgeable, and positive. Highly recommended.
I’ve been bringing my son to see Bobbi for almost two years now. We love it there! Bobbi is so good with him and the aquatic therapy is so good for his body! Would highly recommend!
We love Ms Bobbi!
I just started working with Drew and am looking forward to excellent results. He’s aware of my limitations while pushing without pain for results.
I highly recommend Drew. He does great work, knowledgeable and very friendly. Very easy to make appointments.
My daughter loves going for her speech therapy, Eliza is so amazing and loving! I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in her speech I am very grateful for kids place!❤️
My son went to AzOPT Buckeye for 6 months and had a great experience every visit. He saw multiple physical therapists and all were great, but he spent most his visits with Jordan and Tyler. Both were fantastic! They truly cared about him and his progress. They also did a great job communicating with us as parents.
Awesome service from Drew and the team. Thanks so much! 👍
Drew exelente atención muy amables recomendados
Great way to feel better fast. All staff are great to work with and friendly. Thank you for all your help and therapy. I strongly recommend Drew for physical therapy.
I needed to see a therapist for a pulled hamstring and I received excellent care. My therapist Tyler was very knowledgeable and helped fix my issues within two sessions. Very nice facility! Highly recommend and would visit again. Excellent customer service.
I’m a current employee at AzOPT Gilbert but also a patient! I would love to express how much I love being treated by Drew and Kennedy. I was involved in a car accident a couple of months ago and have been treated by them since. I love their approach and their attention to my needs.From an employee’s standpoint I love to see how much they truly care about each and one of their patients, how much dedication they put in to preparing for each visit and their passion for seeing their patients progress.
Drew has helped me with my migraines and headaches as well as shoulder issues. The reoccurrence of my migraines/headaches have gone down significantly and I feel less and less pain in my shoulder. I would recommend Drew and AzOPT to anyone!
My Therapist, Tyler Guymon has significantly improved my physical issues and recommended home maintenance to supplement his treatments that have been very beneficial.
Liz is such an amazing PT!! We started going when my baby was around 3 months old and I'm honestly amazed at how well she is able to encourage him to increase in his gross motor skill ability. Kids Place East was recommended by my Pediatrician and I'm so grateful for such a supportive and encouraging PT. My family and I are so grateful for Liz!
I have been treated by Drew.He is very kind and gentle. He is always asking for feedback on how I feel and my pain level. He explains what he is doing and tells me what results we should hope to see with the various exercises I am doing. They have a very efficiently run office. They are always on time.
Bobbi is a great therapist. She pushes Keira to always do her best while keeping hydrotherapy fun and engaging.
We love Bobbi she is so amazing with our son. Her knowledge and experience are extremely beneficial to our child.
Miss Liz has been wonderful with my twin baby girls! She started working with them six months ago. They couldn’t even hold Their heads up but thanks to her help and dedication they gave improved tremendously. One of my girls started walked a week before she turned 1 and my other baby is very close to walking. Thanks for all your help miss Liz!
Mary is absolutely amazing! Quick to respond and help! Super kind! Addy is amazing speech therapist with my daughter. She is always calm and patient. She makes everything fun while learning! We adore her.
Drew is always on point putting you too work the best.
First off let me just say we LOVE kids place! When I first brought my daughter here 7 months ago for speech she was only saying 1-2 word phrases. Eliza has worked so hard with her and she is now speaking full sentences and continues to grow every time we go each week! Amanda has worked with her for OT and has made so much progress with her everyday skills and continues every time we visit. Amanda always goes over and beyond to help me and our family understand anything we need help with while going through therapies and even when it comes to working with my kids on things at home. I started bring my son Caleb here for OT in May and Katie has helped so much with his progress! He was barely even saying hi and he is now saying 2-3 word phrases! And has become more independent than he has ever been! He has recently started speech with Addy and just within the few short weeks of him doing that has helped his growth so much the kids place team always puts my kids and what they need first! My kids are always so excited and ready for every time we come here! I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done and continue to do to help my children exceed their goals.
Everyone here is so great. From the receptionists to the therapists. My son always had issues with his first therapist that he was seeing at a different clinic when we came here. He started seeing Addison for speech therapy and she is amazing! He also started seeing Amanda for occupational therapy for sometime and she is also very amazing! My son also talks about Kiki who is working with Amanda right now, it makes me happy that she gets to have therapy with people she loves
We and our daughter both love Ms. Eliza for speech therapy. We would definitely recommend her and Kids Place East.
Drew knows his stuff and knows what he is talking about. Great dude to be working with to get healthy
Kennedy is a great therapist!!!!
I’ve been working with Drew for a couple of months and have made such great progress. Everyone’s approach is a little different, but he has been exactly what I need. It’s a pleasure to work with him, and I look forward to my sessions. Professional, friendly, and personable. I would highly recommend him and AZ OPT .
We see Eliza and Addy here for speech therapy and they are both absolutely amazing! My kids are thriving and have made tremendous progress since starting therapy here. I can tell they truly love what they do. Also, the front office staff are all so friendly and welcoming. Can't recommend them enough:)
I am incredibly grateful for Liz's dedication to my child's well-being and development. Her positive impact on our family's journey has been profound, and I wholeheartedly recommend Liz as a Pediatric Physical Therapist at Kids Place. Her expertise, compassion, and commitment make her an invaluable asset to the team.
What a fantastic experience! AzOpt is THE greatest! One could not ask for a better one-on-one work_out with Jasmine. What a gal! She made everything look easy. And easy it was after just a few visits. I cannot thank you enough. The pain is next to none. I will definitely refer others to AzOpt!!!
I have had 2 occasions to use AzOPT, both extensive, and grueling recoveries. No matter the therapist, their dedication to my well being and recovery never failed. They listen and act accordingly. I will not go anywhere else for future needs. Special shout out to Jordan, my man, and Cassidy and Pam. Without you guys, don't know where I would be.
Very professional and educated employees
Amanda and Eliza are amazing !!! My kiddo has been going here for an year now and what a difference it has made in his life and ours. We could not be more thankful for such amazing therapist. They go above and beyond to always communicate and help. My son looks forward every week to see these two !
Liz was great with our little one and he loved going to physical therapy! Liz taught us many tips that we are still able to use !
Came in with lower back pain. Worked with PT Jasmine Lhotka and I was able to greatly reduce my pain improve my mobility. Jasmine’s technique and understanding of my problems were beyond good. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing PT.
My son has been seeing Amanda for a few months and the changes we have seen have been incredibly!! I thought all my son needed was guidance in hand writing but she was able to spot other areas of concern there was so many puzzle’s pieces that needed to go into place for him to succeed. Can’t wait to what the future holds!!
AZOPT KIDS PLACE has been very helpful and amazing with helping my son. Amanda and Addy have been really great with my son. He has improved so much from speaking more in complete sentences. My son is also doing OT with Amanda. He has improved with writing. Everyone here has been very great help with making sure son is comfortable and he is very happy coming to this location and we feel like we are family. Addy has helped my son with his speech. He had made a big improvement with his speech. He is now able to make full conversation with anyone and able to be more open with other people. We love working with Miss Addy. Amanda has been very sweet since we first met her. She has also been very amazing with helping my son. This office always makes my son smile. My son has learned so much with the Amanda and Addy. They are so kind funny and also amazing. I would really recommend this office to anyone. I want to say thank you Addy and Amanda for everything you do and I really appreciate you both and I'm so glad my son has the best therapist's.
We love ADDY!! My daughter adores her! We appreciate all her hard work and commitment towards improving my daughter's speech. She's been so instrumental in improving my daughter's confidence. Thank you Addy! ♥️
Karim excellent PT very attentive to my concerns and very professional
I want to give Amanda a huge shout out!! She is one of the most kind caring people I know!! She is truly the best at what she does! Keep smiling and being you! We love it!!
Cassidy is the BOMB!...I've been seeing him for two years...Knows what he is doing/always smiling/professional and can fix ya...let's not forget the rest of the team...admin and all PTs are are willing to go the extra mile...Thanks Team!
I have seen such an improvement with my son in many ways since he started OT with Amanda! I couldn’t have asked for a more personable, kind and caring woman to work with my son!
This place is amazing. My husband started coming here when he could not walk on his leg and every week he was able to move more and more as well as putting more and more weight on his leg. He was seen by Andrew and he know just how much to push my husband but not too much to make my husband not to want to come.
They were knowledgeable and very helpful in getting me better then I was originally.
Absolutely fantastic. I was very hesitant to get PT on my shoulder separation. After meeting with Casey on my first visit I was impressed by her knowledge and manner. After a course of treatments my shoulder is so much better. I have and will continue to recommend AzOPT to anyone who needs PT. Casey has given me a normal life again with her treatments. Thank you to her and all the staff.
My sons teacher Lena is the absolute best. My sons been going for about 6 months started there saying 1-2 words to now being able to interact with me and having a wide range of vocabulary! I’m so happy with the guidance and teachings this program has had for my 3 year old son. Would highly recommend this place for speech therapy!
I was having some pretty severe nerve pain in my hip and leg. I was heading up to Prescott for the summer and couldn't in to the Prescott facility as a new patient for quite some time. I was able to see Dan Cox in Glendale for an assessment and treatment before going up north. With two treatments and home exercises, my pain was almost resolved. I had several visits with Matt & Casey in Prescott. With their treaments and home exercises, I have been doing very well and able to play golf. I am very impressed with the AzOPT business model. They will be my go-to for any future PT. Thank you, Dan, Matt & Casey.
Gen is the best therapist I’ve had. She’s always nice and makes sure I’m not overdoing my self and makes sure I get the best care
Gen is very good therapist and very helpful
Both of my daughters have received therapies at AZOPT. We have had therapists Kayleigh, Nicole and Stephanie and we highly recommend them all. Heather at the front desk does a great job with scheduling and processing payments. I have absolutely zero complaints and I highly recommend them!
Our son has been going to see Ms. Addy for 8 months or so for speech therapy, she has been instrumental on his progress.She’s has been such a bright light and full of encouragement. Our son is now excelling in speech because of Ms.Addy. She’s given us so many helpful tools to continue the work at home! I would highly recommend
Amanda is incredible, our little one has over come huge wonderful changes thanks to her. She is incredibly patient and great at communicating. Our little one couldn't be in better hands, and we are so grateful. Thank you Amanda!
Cassidy is the Best Therapist Ever! Professional, caring and compassionate!
Clean and friendly environment. Everyone here is so nice and very knowledgeable. Communicate everything with you and talk through things together for a plan. Highly recommend!
My son Jayden has been coming here for about 10 months working with Ms. Eliza. What a difference this place has done for him. We appreciate Ms. Eliza and the staff at AZOPT. THANK YOU!!!!
Best aquatic therapy I ever had!
Excelentes terapias Estefani,jazmín,y su terapista de ocupacional muy lindas y atentas con mi hijo Jesús
Kids place north is an amazing place. What sets this place apart from others is the staff they really take the time to listen to my concerns as well as the Dr’s so that my child can have the best care. They are patient with my child, which is a huge plus because my child can be a handful. Their professionalism when working with others definitely stands out.Office staff is easy to work with, and understanding when it comes to schedule conflicts. Heather is a very kind person and one can tell she cares about the clients she works with.
I was very impressed with my experience. Personnel were friendly and welcoming. I cannot say enough good things about my physical therapist Samantha. She explained all the exercises /stretches in detail as to why and what they accomplish. I have completed my sessions and have been given exercises/stretches to keep myself from having the same issues return.Thanks to you all and I would indeed recommend your services!
First initial visit and I love it here already. Tyler doesn’t just focus on the healing aspect. He engages in conversation!
We love it here! Heather at the front desk is always so welcoming and kind! Kaileigh has done wonderful things with our sweet 8 month old. He is able to eat so much better because of her help and we couldn’t be more thankful!
Everyone here is great! They have helped my son improve his ability to walk regain balance and motor skills. They're all so sweet and very paitent. I appreciate them all so much 🖤
We love kids place! heather who runs the front desk is always so kind and helpful and miss Kayleigh has been so amazing working with my son on his speech
I absolutely LOVE Kids Place North has been amazing! I love working with the staff including the Front Desk. Heather has been amazing with communicating with me with scheduling. Couldn’t ask for a better place!
Love everyone here 🙂
We love kids place North! Heather at the front desk is a amazing and so helpful. ALL the therapists are so kind and encouraging. Truly a great place.
Kids Place has been amazing for my 4 year old autistic son. Every provider/ staff member has made us feel like family. We love coming every week!
I am so impressed with this office! Everyone is so nice and caring! Heather at the front desk is always so welcoming and helpful;)
Heather at the front desk is quite literally the sweetest person. She is always so loving and understanding. You can tell she loves what she does and we’re thankful for everything she does for our little guy!
Absolutely the sweetest group of people. Super understanding, kind and great with children. Heather is one of the best front desk receptionists she’s wonderful and when something comes up and we have to reschedule she’s at the top of her game to help reschedule and is very welcoming.
I love all the staff so much! They have been listened to all our needs and made sure we were heard! I never had more of a positive experience than with them! Marissa it amazing and fun. She really gets my daughter. Heather is also amazing and very kind when things need to be rearranged! All staff is amazing I can write paragraphs about all but that would be to much! Thank you all ❤️
Excelente servicio Nancy nos atiende muy bien muy amable y siempre disponibles para ayudarnos
Kids Place North has provided incredible services for my son. All the staff is amazing and especially Heather in the front. She is friendly and always willing to figure out a way to make things work when we need to change the schedule. I couldn't recommend Kids Place North enough!!
We started coming to KidsPlace -Prescott in the last year and I am so very grateful for all the wonderful people who work there! Both my son & daughter look forward to going each week! Heather, at the front desk has been super helpful when it comes to scheduling, rescheduling, and fitting us in . She's always wearing a smile and so welcoming! It's been a great switch- over from our previous SP & PT. Highly recommend this wonderful place for kiddos and their needs!
I absolutely LOVE all of the staff! They are so understanding and kind-hearted. Heather at the front desk is amazingly helpful, patient and all around a great person to talk to when you need better understanding on certain things. Love love love all of them! Greatest experience with all of them. My daughter has been working with them for quite some time now and the difference in her is phenomenal! I am beyond proud of all the accomplishments she's made working with all of her therapists! AZOPT Kids Place is probably one of her most favorite places to be. She feels so welcomed and happy to be there and that speaks volumes! All of her therapists have made a significant impact on her and I'm so grateful to have met all of these amazing people helping my daughter progress and grow in her development! I couldn't be more pleased to have them as her team! She loves every single one of them and that makes me the happiest to see her be so happy and comfortable with them all. Absolutely recommend them if you ever need the greatest people to help your child prosper!
Love AZOPT! My daughter is always so happy for her OT & speech sessions
We love AZOPT and Heather at the front office is always a joy to check in with. My child talks about her often and how he loves her smile!
Excellent customer service.
We absolutely LOVE kids place!!! All the girls are absolutely amazing here! Marisa is the best!!! My son wishes he could come to therapy every day! Hoping to get some of the other kiddos in here too. Heather is the absolute best!!!
HeatherFront desk!Everyone is so kind, we love it
We absolutely LOVE Kids Place! For the first time our son is always excited and looking forward to his therapy sessions making transitions to and from such a breeze! The front desk staff is always very welcoming and friendly. We absolutely adore our son’s therapists and are thankful to have them as apart of his team ❤️.
I’m so grateful with my therapist JEFFREY LANDRAM , since the first therapy until now, he have helped me a lot, since 0 walking to move a round by my self with a cane, and improving every day. well recommend 100%
My daughter got referred to AZOPT Kids Place for Feeding Therapy to help her gain weight, tolerate new textures, and basically get her eating. We immediately felt welcomed the second we walked in, and the environment felt like a safe, comfortable place.Our therapist, Miss Kaileigh, was non-judgmental, extremely friendly, and discussed what she thought the best plan of action would be. Miss Kaileigh quickly became my daughter's new best friend, and instead of my daughter dreading her therapy visits, she was SO excited each time to attend. Not only did Miss Kaileigh work closely with my daughter teaching her about food and nutrition, but she also worked closely with me and gave me ideas that I could do at home. We were a team. Within a few months of attending therapy, I could see positive changes in my daughter's eating habits, her level of energy, and most importantly, she was gaining weight and was excited to eat! After a few months, Miss Kaileigh recommended my daughter to see their Occupational Therapist, Miss Marisa, to help with sensory skills, fine motor skills, and visual motor skills. Each week, my daughter would work on these different types of skills and activities, and in no time, she was able to go on a swing, complete obstacle courses, and tolerate different textures. Much like Miss Kaileigh, Miss Marisa quickly became my daughter's other new best friend.When it came time for my daughter to graduate, it was a happy and sad moment. Happy, because she finally did it! And sad because that meant we would no longer see these amazing therapists who became like family to us!If you are (still) reading this and are considering AZOPT Kids Place for your child, you should stop looking and call them immediately. All the therapists and staff are so caring and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. I can confidently say that coming here and seeing these wonderful therapists saved my daughter's life, and I know they can change yours for the better too!
Un trabajo excelente persona son muy amables me tratan con respeto y me sentido mucho mejor
Amazing place. Cassidy, my rehab therapist, is amazing. Because of him, I'm looking forward to getting my life back.
Have been bringing my son here since it opened, amazing improvements using OT with Amanda and Speech Therapy with Jessica and Eliza. Everyone has been great: from meeting the front desk staff to scheduling appointments with therapists, their customer service is the best, they have been remarkable working with my kiddo and his needs!
Absolutely love this place! The therapist truly care about each client individually for their needs. Parent input and communication is at the forefront and the goals are obtainable. Very clean friendly facility! I am excited to see my childs progression here:) thank you so much to Amanda and Eliza
Great, knowledgeable and friendly staff. I can't recommend highly recommended enough. I have already referred friends here. I came in with a knee injury that I worked on with Casey. She was so great to work with and always came up with new things to challenge me. I have been able to translate a lot of what I learned to home. Not just injury rehab but injury prevention for the future. The only reason I'm not still going is that I am moving out of state.
Before meeting Lauren, our son was shy and reserved... struggling in preschool because of his speech. He knew all the answers but refused to raise his hand to say them out of fear of not being understood. Everyone had to ask him to repeat what he would say and he began to refuse to speak at all. His preschool teachers pulled us aside and said it was really affecting his confidence and social skills @ school. Then we went to Lauren... from day one - she got down on his level and made him feel important. She found games that interested him.. never once made him feel less than. She made him feel validated, gave him practical and helpful tips in a playful manner and began to earn his trust. My son LOVED speech therapy... he looked forward to it every week. If we had to miss because of being out of town or being sick, he was devastated. I watched my son soar and become a confident little boy as a direct result of Lauren's impact. Today - he is in the top 3% of his district for grades (much of which is verbal response) and had over 30 kids at his birthday party. He is thriving in every area of life. He cried when he found out he was ready to graduate from speech.. "How I will miss seeing Lauren" he said to me... What a gift it has been to be at Kids Place. Lauren helped our son find his voice.. I will never forget her. When he walks across the stage at high school graduation, I will still remember her. She's changed everything for us. Thank you for giving us our boy back.
My kids have been getting speech, occupational and physical therapy at AZOPT Kids Place (Gilbert location) for about 8 months. All their therapists (Jessica, Eliza, Liz, Sharran, Addy)! are very caring and focused on my kids’ progress which is super important for me. They have become like a family to us since we are seeing them multiple times each week. Both my kids have improved a lot and continue to do so. They provide me with tools and things to do at home to continue to help them which is also super important for us. The admin staff is also amazing! They are very organized, have never made any mistakes with the appointments and are super helpful. Thank you Nancy! Overall a great place for therapy!
We’ve been very happy with our therapists at Kids Place. So glad to have them in the EV! The Director and OT, Amanda, is THE BEST.
My son received services here for 10 months. I cannot express my gratitude enough for how wonderful the entire staff was from the receptionists, to his regular provider Abby, and to the other providers who subbed for her the few times we had to reschedule. They’re kind, patient, and truly care for your child. This is the place to go for pediatric physical therapy
We brought our daughter for an OT eval with Amanda, and she was absolutely amazing; since our daughter was diagnosed as being slightly on the spectrum, I had really struggled to process and cope with everything. Amanda made us realize that there is nothing wrong with our sweet girl and gave us a wealth of information to further support and empower her. Our daughter enjoyed the gym area so much that she was disappointed that she doesn’t require any ongoing OT. We couldn’t recommend Amanda and Kids Place enough!
Knees and shoulders….! Brooke and Taylor are the best!
Amazing service
Professional and welcoming atmosphere. Julissah and the front office crew are the best; very respectful and patient with customers. Always a clean and pleasant front office. Therapists are attentive and stays engaged with their patients.
Brooke and Taylor are excellent therapists that really know their business. They are professional, caring and listen to their patient’s needs (the patient being my husband Bob Sonzo). Also have to mention the front office personnel Julissa and Ivette. They are so welcoming and pleasant and always have a smile to greet you. They provide excellent customer service.
The PT at AzOPT is excellent. Julissa and Ivette in the front office make you feel at home when you first arrive. Alex is outstanding in his approach to getting you better.
My son has been going to Kids place west for over a year. We have had a wonderful experience. Ms. Kristi was his feeding therapist, she was always very nice and truly cares about the kids. He also sees Ms. Abby for physical therapy, she is so sweet and my son loves her and is always so excited to see her. He recently started occupational therapy as well. The staff has always been friendly and kind. Would highly recommend to anyone!
Since the beginning of therapy, my back strength and pain is improving from my back surgery. Ladamian Wilson has done a great job in leading me through the exercises. Also, Logan Anglin has done a great job of covering for Ladamian Wilson while he was on vacation. The front office and customer service have been very helpful and nice. I highly recommend this facility to anyone.
Julissa&ivette at the front office are extremely helpful and friendly. Always greeting me with a smile!!!
I’ve been going to AZOPT on and off for years. Taylor is a great therapist!! Also the front desk employees Ivette and Julissa are helpful, kind and always have a smile. I would highly recommend AZOPT!!!
Julissa is a great work and she go above and beyond to help you out
The gal's in the front office are so amazing, everytime my husband comes for therapy the gals always make me feel like at home. Amazing staff!!
Super friendly and experienced therapists (Look for Brooke/Alex) - highly recommend! Their dry needling therapy has helped me to keep up with my active lifestyle:) also big shoutout to frontdesk peeps - Ivette & Julissa for helping to schedule my appointments!
Annie is always so helpful and considerate when booking future appointments
Grateful for the team at AZOPT! Julissa is great at keeping me on track with my appointments and payments. Working with Logan on my knee has been a game changer. I’m no longer contemplating knee surgery. Thank you both!
Always great patient care and amazing staff. This is the place to go.
Shawna has amazing customer care! Thank you!
Shout out to customer service/ referral dept ! Very profesional & kind.
Nothing but wonderful people at this place. Brooke has helped me feel so much better! Would highly recommend them for any kind of physical therapy.
I don't typically write reviews but this place was super professional and helped me out a lot with my injury.Wendy, the Patient Care Coordinator, was always kind when helping me out with anything, and also very timely with responses if I was running late. She was also really helpful if I needed to schedule any appointments with my PCM for updates to my authorization.Taylor, my Physical Therapist, was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I have zero complaints with any of the treatment I received from her or anybody at this location.
Jessica is a great SLP. My son's speech has continued to improve under her care. She has a fun approach and he loves seeing her every week!
Only been here twice, but my daughter and I absolutely love this place! The staff are so friendly and welcoming and my daughter's therapist has felt like second family. She talks to my daughter beyond just making her feel comfortable.10/10 definitely recommend this AzOPT for anyone needing physical therapy in a stress free relaxed atmosphere.
Thank you JT, Mariah, and most of all Dan. I NEVER thought my back would heal. With your help, I am now in the gym everyday and close to being pain free. Each one of the staff members deserves 5 stars. I would recommend this place to anyone!
I highly recommend AzOPT! It’s a really laid back place with staff that are all knowledgable and kind. Taylor and her student Hannah have been amazing in helping me with my hip pain. My quality of life has drastically improved thanks to them!
Been going here for about 6 weeks now and I absolutely love it here. The staff are all extremely helpful and create a positive and enjoyable environment. If you’re discouraged about having to go to PT give this place a try. You won’t regret it.
I have received the best therapy ever! One-on-one withAcacia (Casey) at AzOPT in Prescott is unique & so personalized. Casey is very knowledgeable, kind, caring, and professional while keeping a friendly & comfortable environment. She has provided me with home exercises & knowledge to help with my continued improvement.The entire staff is friendly & helpful. If you need PT, definitely come here!Everyone
Taking care of my Dad and doing a great job!! 👍
I've had nothing but positive experiences at this Goodyear location. The front desk is very professional and patient. The therapists are very experienced, helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you for your healing service!
After surgery, PT must be priority 1! AZOPT is a fantastic place, work one on one with your therapist, they work well around your schedule, highly skilled team!
My son sees Abbie for PT, she is a true gem! She has been so helpful and always give us great advice as to what we can do at home to help improve his mobility. We look forward to our time with her weekly, she is super patient with our little toddler.
My son has been coming to therapy at this location for years and he absolutely adore all the therapists.
It’s been a life changing experience for our family transferring therapy services to AZOPT/Kids Place. I have two children who both require multiple different therapies. Over the past couple years at a different clinic, it was exhausting re-explaining my child’s plan and progress to a new therapy tech or assistant. We would always see a different person and I think that hindered my kids progress. The turn over rates were high and we never knew what we were walking into with our appointments.At kids Place Gilbert, my kids are always with the same therapist every time. They don’t see a tech, they see the actual therapist. This means they are able to give me informed feedback and adjustment to treatment immediately. I’m so happy we made the change. Everyone is so pleasant and I cannot say enough about Haley at the front desk, and the therapists Amanda and Eliza, they are incredible and very kind.If you are a parent to a special needs child, this clinic will change your life for the better.
My son has been attending Kids Place for over 2 years for speech therapy. We started during the pandemic and they were accommodating and very helpful with Telehealth. And then, since we returned in person his therapist, Ms. Jaque has always shared his progress and extra things we can do at home to help. We have noticed an improvement in the time he's attended. His therapists are always so caring with him.
All of the kids therapist are amazing they take their time and are patient with my son when he gets over stimulated and are calm when they redirect him I love going there this is the best place to get services for your kiddos very worth it in my Onion
My son has been going here for over a year and a half now for PT, OT, and Speech. We absolutely love every therapist that has worked with him. They’ve all done an amazing job at working with him and making us feel comfortable while he’s with them. His PT Jeanette is the best and I really appreciate how communicative she is with us.
We love Miss Marissa and Miss Britney, my little guy has progressed so much since working with them. So happy we found AZOPT!
At the age of 79 I had a complete hip replacement in October. Within 4 days after surgery, I was on the table at PTOAZ ! I was there twice a week for 6 weeks and each day got better and better! The PT was doing an internship under the watchful eyes of the employees. My sessions were outstanding and the PT was concerned with my feelings, abilities and attitude. I worked hard and in JANUARY I danced each song as I celebrated my 80!I give them 10 stars out of 10!
Brittany and her amazing team has made such difference in our daughter and the community. PT, OT and Speech all work together to to give our daughter the care she deserves. PRICELESS!
We've been here less than two years and have already had three therapists for our daughter. All have been awesome! Even though it's a drive to get here, we will not go anywhere else. Any place that puts parents and children ahead of Covid politics and the culture of liability gets our vote for sure!
Our therapists here are phenomenal. I have nothing but great experience here from the very first phone call to our therapy sessions.
My husband and I were in a bad car wreck, so we needed physical therapy for my husband's neck and my hips. We had Nick for our therapist, and he helped us both a lot. He gave us exercises to do at home that helped, also. We highly recommend him! The front office staff is great, too!
I just want to say that I really enjoy everyone here. From receptionists to all of the therapists. Everyone is pleasant and friendly. It's a very welcoming environment with a good atmosphere.I'm not back to 100% just yet but after some regular therapy and exercise sessions I've noticed a large improvement in mobility and decreased pain.Highly recommend!
My son has been seeing Ms. Danielle since he was 5 months old. She is the best therapist by far! She is so patient and caring with my son.
Awesome staff. Awesome reception to kids to make them feel welcome on a new environment.
Kids Place has been such a game changer for our child! We see all of the therapists at the clinic and they are all INCREDIBLE! Highly recommend this facility for any children who are needing help with Physical/Occupational/Speech/Feeding Therapy! We LOVE all the girls here!
The Encanto location is understandable with plenty of communication skills. Recommending me with resources for my child's needs.
Thank you AZOPT especially Kyle for all your help with my son, thanks to you no more waking up with pain or walking with pain.
Love my sons therapists! They are wonderful worth him! He has made tremendous progress between therapy and school!
Thrilled with our experience here. Very clean. All staff is VERY friendly and professional. Highly recommend.
My 3 year old recieves FT, ST, and OT therapy from The Kids Place North. This is his third set of therapists and the FIRST time he has made TRUE progress in his therapies. It is imperative for my child to feel safe in his surroundings and the Therapists in this clinic have done just that where others have failed. In the few short months that my child has been attending therapies in this clinic, there is a huge noticeable "positive" difference in him through all aspects of his life. I cannot thank them enough for helping my child feel more comfortable and confident with himself and his surroundings. If your child needs any type of therapy I highly recommend this clinic!
Weve been using Kaileigh for speech services and Marisa for Occupational Therapy and cant say enough good things! Highly recommend!
My son comes here for pt/speech therapy and his two therapists are amazing they help him out with everything he needs. If I could give them more stars I would
This place is friggen fantastic!!!!!! Staff is wonderful! Front desk is friendly, approachable and a delight! Kyle was understanding and absolutely super helpful and encouraging! Please go here I highly recommend this 😁👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
My daughter has been coming to this location for a couple of years now receiving PT services. At the beginning she had Martina but got transferred to Michelle. Both therapist are great and my daughter loves both. Michelle is very welcoming and sweet to my daughter. Now any scheduling I do outside therapy has to revolve around her current PT time because my daughter does not want to leave Michelle. 😊
They helped me get ny life back!!
Courtney is truly amazing. She takes the time to get to know her clients from boardgames to Disney to Starbucks. And she is always joking around with my daughter and I. She gives us great feed back on what we need to work on and what can benefit my daughter the most. Thank you so much Courtney.
Great exspierance at AzOPT Glendale , less pain & moving better with stretching exercises, Thank you Kyle 😇
My brother has been coming here for pt, ot, speech and eating therapy and his therapists are the best! Martina and Justine are very patient and caring with my brother, I absolutely am so thankful for them. The receptionists are always very kind and helpful and if I could give this place 10 stars then I would certainly do so.
AZ OPT is amazing, and specifically Cassidy at the Buckeye location!! I came to Cassidy with continued pain following Achilles’ tendon repair last Fall in Colorado. Cassidy listened to me, assessed everything regarding pain points, strength, flexion, etc. He used amazing manual therapy to break up scar tissue and ensure I had movement prior to starting me on exercises at the clinic and at home. Following about 6 weeks of his therapy, I am now relieved of pain and able to play golf….heck, I will attribute my breaking 90 to him! Thanks Cassidy so much for your expertise!!
Awesome therapist very patient with the children receptionist is awesome and super helpful
I love kids place! Brittany, Kaileigh, and Marisa are the most caring and sweet therapists. You can tell each time we come in that they love my daughter as their own. Couldn’t be more thankful for all they do.
I had a great experience. Staff was so kind every time. My shoulder has never been better.
Knowledgeable team
First and foremost, this location is more convenient for us. It’s closer and has enough parking. My daughter sees Jessica, she is awesome. Her evaluation was thorough, she was very nice to my daughter and implements things my daughter enjoys. It’s a visit once a week for 45 mins, Mrs. Jessica even brings my daughter to the car, which is very convenient. Front office stay is nice, and the waiting area is small but I have never seen it crowded. It is kid friendly and they even have a number where you can text. I would highly recommend this location for your child’s therapy needs.
My daughter is seen by Jessica in the Goodyear location. she loves to work with her, Jessica implements my daughters favorite things into her therapy. When we first met with Jessica, she was very thorough with her evaluation and explained some things that I didn’t understand my daughter went through or did. She is very nice, and alyssa is very excited every time we come to therapy.
This place is awesome. I notice a difference in my daughters speech right away. All the staff there is very nice and respectful. Hanna is my daughters speech therapist and she is GREAT, very nice, patient and I love that she gives me a lot of feed back.
Friendly and encouraging staff- I am definitely seeing positive results!
Matt, Casey and the team in Prescott did a fantastic job! My recovery took half the time expected. Follow their guidance, put in the work and you can halve your recovery time too.
I went in for Physical Therapy after Spinal Surgery. In 8 sessions they had me back to doing everyday tasks as well as being able to work. I will recommend them to everyone I know that needs physical therapy.
This place and it’s staff has been so wonderful for my family and I am so grateful for everyone here!I have been bringing my 10 month to see mrs Brittany since she was 4 months old for torticollis. From the start she has been so thorough and informative on what she was doing and why. I have learned so much from her and my daughter is doing well meeting her milestones. Mrs Brittany is fun and gentle with my daughter and is also such a comfort to me as well and I truly look forward to getting to sit with her every week. Thank you for your care and unpaid therapy each week!My three year was evaluated and seen for speech therapy with Miss Kaileigh. My three year old is a wild one to say the least and miss Kaileigh handled her like a pro! She makes learning fun and exciting and she did a wonderful job communicating with me after each session. She is still one of my daughter’s favorite people!I saw Casey for lower back discomfort after I had my second child and she helped completely resolve my pain. She pushed me and was informative with preventative pain as well.Ms. Marissa is super fun too and knows all the great lunch spots!Thank you again for all you do
My daughter have been going here for a year now and this place is amazing. Her speech teacher Ms. Lauren has always been very helpful and my daughters speech has improved tremendously.
Great place for physical therapy. The people are great and the environment is very relaxed. I am completely happy I was referred here after my accident.
Dan is awesome he takes such great interest and care with each patient. I will continue to go here.
There staff are great an I see great improvement in my son thanks miss Jackie
Muy buen trato hacia los pacientes, muchas gracias a kady a todos por la ayuda que le an brindado a santiago armendariz.
My 2 yo is currently receiving OT and all I can say, this place is awesome. Love how they care for my son.
My daughter has been coming here for physical therapy services since she was younger and all of the physical therapists we’ve interacted with are truly knowledgeable and great at explaining everything/answering questions. I love that theTherapists explain what they work on for each session and let me know what to keep working on at home with her.
Highly recommend, Have been coming here for almost two years. Occupational therapist Ms Amanda is amazing!! She is very patient, understanding and helped my son come a loooong way.
Amazing staff! My daughter has been coming for speech therapy with Ms.Edith for almost 2 years and has made so much improvement. The staff truly cares about their patients and wanting them to succeed. Would highly recommend!
My son have therapy here and his happy to come here and eery worker is niceMaggi our new the therapist
Es muy buena Clinica me gusta porque eh visto que mi hijo a progresado un poco y el está contento aquí
My daughter has been going to therapy at this establishment for 3 years and I am responding to a negative comment from Adriana Greisman re: masks. She stated she can’t believe staff weren’t wearing masks . I’m asking Adriana to provide 1 study that shows masks work , i would advise her to research the Danish Mask Study which proves they do not . I would also recommend she wear hers if she feels they really work and not be concerned with others just trying to do therapy and breath fresh air . It is extremely unhealthy for people to be doing therapy with a mask on and also provides no benefit for speech . Again this place is amazing and always provides quality therapies so just wanted to address any negativity that could possibly deter someone from getting excellent therapy !!
My daughter started to come here for a couple of months now, and I see so much improvement! I’m honestly happy that my daughter loves to come here and enjoys her time here with her therapists.
A mí hijo le dan terapia física en esta clínica todo el personal muy amable y la terapista Lory es muy paciente me gusta como atiende a mi hijo y yo me siento muy contenta con el gran avance que tiene mi hijo . Gracias a las intérpretes y la terapista
Muchas gracias por todo lo que hacen por los niños y la ayuda que nos brindan alos padres.
Muy amable todo el personal y muy profesionales 🙂Mis hijos están felices de recibir terapias con Lauren,Hanna,Justine y Erika.
My daughter has been coming here for two years now. She takes OT, PT & speech and has improved a lot, Amanda & Jessica have helped her out a lot. Definitely recommend here 🙂
My son is 7 years old with an underdeveloped cerebellum, (which is the part of the brain that coordinates movement.) at birth we don’t know why or what may have cause this but my son follows up with his neurologist and geneticist every year so me and his father are doing everything on our Part to get answers, but I’m learning that I must give my worries, doubts, fears and my all to god it is not possible without him 1st. Then I rely on his team of doctors and specialists and it has been working for ME for the past 2 years . Rudy is fairly new to AZOPT central my son has been receiving therapy in PT, OT and speech for 3 mo now at kids place and I have nothing but amazing results amazing care at first my son was not to excited to know that we had to transfer therapy centers, so we come from Head-to-toe where my son was receiving care for about 7 months well due to insurance reasons head-to-toe stopped my son care and back to how I said I must first trust god and put my worries in his hands, well I’m a firm believer that everything happens with purpose as this was hard for me at first and I was surely upset when they stopped services it was definite that this was for the better. I must say that Head - to - toe wasn’t the best experience while I would sit and wait for my son I noticed that none of the therapists communicated with parents there was no interaction what so ever only a simple “ HI” and “ BYE” they didn’t discuss exercises or anything. Enough about HEAD TO TOE the star of the show is AZOPT KIDS PLACE 🥰😇 I will always stand by kids place no matter what happens they have a genuine, passionate, kind, dedicated hard working team and I thank you so much miss Tracy and miss Kim you both are a true blessing in my eyes I see the growth I see the improvement that my son strives to achieve its the small things like buttons , walking on rocks, walking a straight line with his small feet directly toe- to - heel, catching a soft ball, fine motor and much more I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Rudy he is so bright.
I like this place they have different types of help. Right now I come for speech for my daughter 7 years old and son 3 years old it has being help them come here. also therapy of physical activity they are helping with my baby. That has neck problems. Thank you guys for all your help and support 🙂
Excelente atención y terapistas, mis hijos toman sus terapias con mucho gusto se sienten confortables con sus terapistas, mil gracias a Michell, Sara, Amanda, Jazmín, Edith y Miss Martina por su gran trabajo y por lo mucho qué han ayudado a mis hijos Carlos y Daniel
My Therapist was the best💕 Dr Taylor was firm and Thorough with my treatments and Care. Her techniques of Treatments where Challenging I mastered the Challenge with lots of tears of Joy!! At the end. At first I did not think she could handle me I was fooled Taylor worked me back to being able to Function with some normalcy. Thank You So Much Taylor❤️
Muy contenta con el trabajo que an echo con mi hijo tengo ya casi 2 años … me encata en trabajo de las terapeutas gracias a kady Rosales y sarah chilson gracias por su paciensa y cariño con elque tratan a mi hijo …🙏🌺
Stephanie una gran terapista ❤❤
LOVE our therapists! Kyla is such a wonderful and sweet OT and Michelle is the best SLP out there! We are so sad that Michelle is leaving but we have no doubt that the next SLP we get here will be wonderful as well. Gregory still has a long way to go but the therapists here show him love and give him the help he needs during every appointment.
Taylor is the best. I have been to many therapists and she has made the best progress. Wendy and Esme ar so helpful.
Working with Physical Therapist Matt at AZOPT has given me a new insight on exercise. His positive & encouraging attitude is helping me tremendously. I especially appreciate the one-on-one attention & I feel a great deal of accomplishment at each session.Thank you Matt!
We absolutely love Lauren!! She’s been life changing for our son. Highly recommend the environment here. Everyone is wonderful.
My physical therapist, Taylor Kitkowski, has been wonderful during my time here for resolving my chronic back pain. I've been feeling better and she's a blast to talk to during the therapy itself. I'm about to have a surgery on my knee and I will certainly look to get her again for my recovery for that.
Physical Therapists at AZOPT Glendale truly care about your recovery and create an individual plan to help you reach your goals. Special thanks to Taylor who pushed me through my pain and into my recovery!
Everyone here was totally awesome. They took very good care of me and got me back to doing my job. Thank you again to Dan,Ally and JD you guys are terrific
I had a great experience at AZOPT seeing both Casey and Matt, although I worked with Casey primarily. There was a noticeable difference from when I began to when I finished several months later. Casey did a great job with exercises, mobilizations, and similar techniques.
I highly recommend AZOPT. My therapist, Daniel, has been helping me for almost two years. Along with some challenges from my past, he's helped me through two total hip replacement surgeries. His knowledge, compassion and understanding have been amazing. I also appreciate his relentless encouragement and optimism. Since my first visit, all the staff have been very professional and friendly.
My therapist was fantastic. They were very knowledgeable about my injury and put me on a quick path to recovery.
Had my first visit today with KyIe. I think this will be a great PT place. Everyone seemed nice and helpful. So far so good!!
I just want to thank Taylor, Dan and Meghan for all of their hard work on my difficult case. I was in a car accident and left with a huge injury and extreme pain. But my team was just a committed to me as I was to my healing. I could not have asked for better therapist in such a difficult time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! If I ever need PT again I will absolutely return to AzOPT!
I selected AZOPT on recommendation of a Pain physician - he recommended because AZOPT has all their services done by a PT - unusual as most physical therapy companies utilize assistants for most of the work. Clearly actual physical therapists are more knowledgable and as such one recovers faster. I was undergoing back fusion surgery and Matt helped prepare me for a more successful outcome.
I’ve been seeing JD Fields for 6 years as I am a competitive CrossFit athlete. I am not sure I have words to describe the amount of knowledge and professionalism that JD displays. He’s absolutely incredible. He knows the body so well and has kept me healthy and moving all these years. I’m an older athlete at 52 years old. I have referred countless people to him and we all share in our full trust and respect for him! AZOPT is the best. You’ll be so grateful you chose them.
I have been meaning to write this review for months, but I keep forgetting as my life has been so busy since I can finally walk again. I have nothing but rave reviews for AZOPT and Matt Flanigan at the Prescott location. When I arrived at their facility, I was limping with a rupture/tear in my Achilles tendon on my left leg. I had seen a Podiatrist for 6 months who never recommended or ordered therapy, but after little to no improvement after wearing a boot for 6 months, I finally changed to a new doctor who prescribed physical therapy. What a game changer that was. I saw Matt 3 days a week for 5 weeks, and voila, I have had ZERO pain ever since completing my sessions with him. He's funny, very encouraging and respectful, and pushed me through the pain until healing finally came. I'm so grateful for Matt's style and his knowledge about what therapy would work best for my injury! And, he made it very fun such that I actually looked forward to going!
My experience so far has been great. My therapist is doing an amazing job at identifying my specific issues and addressing them with personalized therapy. Even though I have only had 4 sessions, because he has taken the time needed, I feel like we fully understand my issues and I am very hopeful the individualized therapy and home exercises will get me back in the pool and living the active lifestyle I have been missing for the last couple years.
I was using another PT place and changed to Matt at AZOPT and it was like going from kindergarten to college. He was so much more knowledgeable and helped me one on one . I think he is the best in Prescott !!Carol Collinsworth
Matt has done an outstanding job rehabbing my broken ankle.. I am an avid fitness buff and was told by my orthopedic to manage my expectations on getting back to normal. Matt has given me 100% of his knowledge and attention to get me get back to functional mobility and strength. AzOPT is not your regular PT go through the motions routine Matt really cares about getting you back to your active life.

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