AzOPT offers a variety of complimentary consultations, a free assessment designed to give you direction.  Rising insurance costs and deductibles make it expensive to go the traditional route.  Before you spend money on doctor visits, x-rays, and MRIs, trust an AzOPT Doctor of Physical Therapy to quickly assess and make recommendations on necessary actions.


The AzOPT complimentary consultation is perfect for anyone experiencing symptoms, beginning a new exercise program, experiencing a plateau in their workouts, or who wants to know if their body is setting them up for an injury. We offer:

Complimentary Injury Consultation

For those with pain or a specific injury, the complimentary injury consultation is a 15-minute exam performed by a licensed physical therapist to assess strength, range of motion, and flexibility while answering any of your questions about your injury or condition.  Based on these results, our therapists will make recommendations on the next steps, which may include following up with a medical doctor.  Additionally, our therapists will show you stretches and/or exercises to help manage your current symptoms and be educated on how to properly care for the condition.

Complimentary Movement Assessment

For those beginning a new exercise program or currently involved in fitness, our complimentary movement assessment will help identify any pain or limitations that may affect your success.  Through the assessment, a licensed physical therapist will determine any specific muscle weaknesses and address them with a strengthening program.   Our therapists will evaluate the stabilizing muscles that support exercise and activities.  Additionally, you will learn stretches and exercises designed to improve your body’s function during your activity.

Complimentary Wellness Assessment

Do you want to prevent future injuries and more importantly, future medical bills?  Are you at risk to fall?  Maybe you have just accepted your body’s decline as the normal, slow aging process.  Our Doctors of Physical Therapy know your musculoskeletal system like the back of their own hand and can diagnose an imbalance before it becomes a problem.  Many injuries and surgeries can be prevented by correcting these dysfunctions.  Our therapists will evaluate your strength, balance, and function from top to bottom, and help determine if there is anything you need to know.  You will learn stretches and exercises, as well as be educated on how to improve your daily function and stay healthy!

All AZOPT Complimentary Consultations include:

  • Assessment by a licensed physical therapist
  • Personal attention to your injury or concern
  • Education regarding potential injury
  • Injury care plan or physician referral and physician scheduling assistance, if necessary
  • Convenient and easy scheduling – appointments are often available the same day
  • Peace of mind