Pediatric feeding therapy helps children learn to become safe and confident feeders. Kids Place feeding therapists are a specialized group who are highly educated in dysphagia, early developing oral motor skills and sensory feed. We use naturalistic mealtime settings and play to help your child improve their ability to eat, drink and swallow safely.  Our therapists work to improve oral-motor skills related to feeding, to accept a wide variety of foods and food textures, to increase volume to maintain adequate weight and nutrition, and to gain a healthy relationship with food and the feeding environment.  We use a family-centered approach focusing on easing negative experiences surrounding mealtime.

To best meet your child’s developmental needs and treat your child as a whole, Kids Place feeding therapists develop the best plan of care in collaboration with other therapies as well as your child’s pediatrician.

Our highly trained feeding therapists evaluate and treat children with a variety of diagnoses that may include:

  • Oral aversion
  • Self-limiting feeders
  • Dysphagia (swallowing disorders)
  • Tube dependency
  • Feeding difficulties related to GI
  • Prematurity
  • Genetic abnormalities

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