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The Benefits of Co-Treating

The Benefits of Co-Treating By Amanda Bruce, MS, OTR/L and Stacy Taylor, MS, CCC-SLP Kids Place Pediatric Therapists Many parents new to pediatric therapy are unfamiliar with the term “co-treat.”  Short for co-treatment, this refers to two different therapy disciplines working with one child at the same time.  For example, your child may receive treatment…

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Pediatric Speech Therapy

Reading Strategies for Increased Speech and Language Skills

Reading Strategies for Increased Speech and Language Skills Kids Place Pediatric Speech Therapists Reading.  This word generally carries an automatic association with school and academic learning.  However, many parents may not realize that in addition to academic growth, reading can also help develop a child’s speech and language skills.  Here are some of the ways…

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Pediatric Physical Therapy

The Benefits of Crawling (Before Walking)

The Benefits of Crawling (Before Walking) By Nikki Robinett, PT, DPT and Amanda Bruce, OTR/L AZOPT Kids Place Central Therapists In the ever changing world of pediatrics, where new evidence and opinions are constantly telling us what our children should (or should not) be doing, parents can be understandably confused. One recent discussion revolves around…

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