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Understanding Pediatric Occupational Therapy

A Guide to Understanding Pediatric Occupational Therapy Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) This is the primary focus of occupational therapists. We aim to help our clients become as independent as possible in areas of self-care including playing, dressing, bathing, grooming, eating, brushing teeth and cooking, to name a few.  With children, we are often teaching…

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Pediatric Physical Therapy

Spring Break Activities That Challenge Your Children

Spring Break Activities That Challenge Your Children By Brittany Ricciardi PT, DPT, PCS Kids Place Central Clinic Manager and Pediatric Physical Therapist Spring break is just around the corner! Are you nervous? Many parents are often challenged with ideas and activities to keep their children busy. Here are a couple that are not only fun…

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Try Playing on a Vertical Surface

Try Playing on a Vertical Surfaceby Melissa Engelhardt, SOTKids Place West Student Occupational Therapist Most writing, drawing, coloring, and playing occurs on a tabletop or floor, both horizontal surfaces. While these surfaces are convenient because toys stay in place, they also encourage poor posture. Playing on horizontal surfaces can lead to poor posture from slouching,…

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