Since 2008, Kids Place West has provided pediatric therapy in physical, occupational, speech, and feeding therapy to West Valley children. In 2015, we opened Kids Place Central to provide these services to more Phoenix-area children. In 2018, Kids Place Central moved to our current location in Encanto Park. Kids Place Prescott began in 2020 with pediatric physical therapy and has expanded to include all services to the Quad City area. Most recently, Kids Place East in Gilbert opened to provide all services in the East Valley.
Pediatric Physical Therapy

Adaptive Sports for Children with Disabilities

Adaptive Sports for Children with Disabilities By Khristian Morrell, Student Physical Therapist Obesity across our nation has become an alarming health risk over the past generation. Unfortunately, individuals with disabilities are at a particularly higher risk for this, as they are less likely to participate in organized sports and activities. In addition to decreased participation,…

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Pediatric Speech Therapy language skills

Understanding Speech Sound Disorders

Understanding Speech Sound Disorders Kids Place West Speech Language Pathologists Speech sound disorders are what the pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist is most well-known for treating.  There is the classic case of a child who says “wabbit” instead of rabbit,” or the child who lisps. But what exactly are speech sound disorders?  Let’s talk about the basics…

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Hand Strength: 5 Fun Activities for Children

Hand Strength: 5 Fun Activities for Children by Emma Clark, Student OT Childhood is a critical time for the development of intrinsic hand muscles. Without the proper development of these muscles, children will have delayed fine motor skills or fatigue during fine motor activities. Building hand strength in children leads to the development of skills like…

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