Since 2008, Kids Place West has provided pediatric therapy in physical, occupational, speech, and feeding therapy to West Valley children. In 2015, we opened Kids Place Central to provide these services to more Phoenix-area children. In 2018, Kids Place Central moved to our current location in Encanto Park. Kids Place Prescott began in 2020 with pediatric physical therapy and has expanded to include all services to the Quad City area. Most recently, Kids Place East in Gilbert opened to provide all services in the East Valley.
Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Try Playing on a Vertical Surface

Try Playing on a Vertical Surfaceby Melissa Engelhardt, SOTKids Place West Student Occupational Therapist Most writing, drawing, coloring, and playing occurs on a tabletop or floor, both horizontal surfaces. While these surfaces are convenient because toys stay in place, they also encourage poor posture. Playing on horizontal surfaces can lead to poor posture from slouching,…

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Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Orthotics – Why the Heel?

Pediatric Orthotics – Why the Heel? by Kids Place Central Pediatric Physical Therapists As pediatric physical therapists, we often recommend a child be evaluated and fit for a pair of ankle-foot orthotics or AFOs. AFOs are plastic devices created by a certified orthoptist, custom made to control certain parts of an extremity, guide specific movements,…

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