Since 2008, Kids Place West has provided pediatric therapy in physical, occupational, speech, and feeding therapy to West Valley children. In 2015, we opened Kids Place Central to provide these services to more Phoenix-area children. In 2018, Kids Place Central moved to our current location in Encanto Park. Kids Place Prescott began in 2020 with pediatric physical therapy and has expanded to include all services to the Quad City area. Most recently, Kids Place East in Gilbert opened to provide all services in the East Valley.
Pediatric Occupational Therapy

How to Improve a Child’s Body Awareness

How to Improve a Child’s Body Awareness by Hannah Whitty, Occupational Therapy Student Children with poor body awareness have increased difficulty knowing where their body is in space. Body awareness is an essential skill needed for children to properly participate in everyday tasks. Without appropriate body awareness, a child is unable to safely navigate their…

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Pediatric Physical Therapy

A Guide to Understanding Pediatric PT

A Guide to Understanding Pediatric Physical Therapy What is pediatric physical therapy? Pediatric physical therapist work with a variety of children ranging from babies with torticollis or delay, orthopedic sports injuries, and children with delays due to diagnoses such as cerebral palsy and autism. Pediatric PTs help to improve gross motor skills, walking pattern, strength,…

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy handwriting tips

Your Child’s Progressions in Handwriting

Your Child’s Progressions in Handwriting by Jenna Zellner, OTS Kids Place Student Occupational Therapist Handwriting acquisition is a crucial learning process necessary to get children prepared for school and adult life. Similar to a child’s physical development, handwriting skills follow a sequential progression. First children develop precursor readiness skills which consist of drawing simple shapes.…

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Pediatric Speech Therapy

Promoting Fluent Speech for Children Who Stutter

Promoting Fluent Speech for Children Who Stutter by Alexandra Pagel, M.A., CF-SLP Kids Place West Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologist You’re staring at a large audience, delivering an important speech. You find yourself starting sentences over, taking long pauses, and repeating parts of words or entire words. You’re nervous and your words just aren’t coming…

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