Anxiety Concerns in Children

Childhood – a time when one is carefree with no worries to keep them up at night.

Unfortunately that is not the case for all children.

Anxiety is thought to be a disorder that only affects adults, when in reality one can be diagnosed with a form of anxiety at the mere age of 18 months.

Signs/Symptoms of Childhood Anxiety

Physical = headaches or stomachaches with no medical cause, refusing to eat at school, appearing restless, fidgety or distracted, difficult falling asleep

Emotional = increased sensitivity, fear of making minor mistakes, worry about far off situations, frequent nightmares about loss

Behavioral = refusing to go to school, avoiding social situations with other kids, increased meltdowns or temper tantrums, constantly seeking approval for actions

Strategies to Use at Home

Quiet Corner: create a quiet place in the house where your child can go to when he/she is feeling overwhelmed or just needs time for themselves

Family Time: make sure to create time throughout the week where all household members come together to engage in a game or activity together

Encourage Expression: if your child has difficulty with expressing what they are feeling, there are games that can help educate your young one. For example: one can use the faces of the Inside Out characters to label feelings. Your child may find this an easier way to get a deeper understanding of complex emotions.

Fidget Box: create a box that consists of materials to make different types of fidget toys. Fidgets are shown to improved concentration and release access energy.