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Kids Place North in Prescott is hosting a day of free torticollis screenings, and you are invited!
Torticollis is atypical posture of the neck that can be due to asymmetries of flexibility and/or strength. It can be present immediately after birth or developed shortly after.
What does it look like?
  • A baby who keeps their head tilted or looking to one side.
  • A baby who avoids looking one way
  • A baby who has difficulty nursing or feeding on one side.
  • A baby who has a flat spot on the side of their head
  • A baby who shows difficulty using one side or shows side to side differences with rolling, crawling, or other gross motor skill.
  • A baby who has some ongoing body tightness following correction of tongue/lip/cheek ties
Does it only affect the neck?
Torticollis can cause range of motion concerns throughout a baby’s body and can lead to delayed and asymmetrical gross motor skill development if left untreated.
Importance of early screening:
Research shows that 98% of infants with torticollis can achieve normal range of motion within 1.5 months of PT intervention if started before one month of age. Waiting until after 1 month of age prolongs intervention to about 6 months.
Early screening can help correct the posture, identify and decrease risk of asymmetry through the rest of the body, identify and decrease risk of developmental delay, and decrease future complications that can arise.

Following your baby’s FREE assessment, a Kids Place Doctor of Physical Therapy will be able to provide you answers and directions for your next steps through detailed explanations, education, and one-on-one personalized care.


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