Preparing For The CrossFit Open
By Ryann Roberts, DPT, Cert DN
Owner, AZOPT & Kids Place

The CrossFit Open – a grueling, 5 week competition between you and the entire CrossFit community!  Each week, you will complete a newly released WOD that is scored and logged so you will see your rank within your box, the Southwest region, the country, and the world!  Intimidated?  Worried about injury? I was, when I first began CrossFit in 2012.  But since, I have learned there is something in every workout to accomplish and score in order to build my skill set and strengths from year to year!

As we approach The Open in 2018, AZOPT offers 5 tips that will help you perform your best and get through the competition:


It is important to drink plenty of fluid the night before you plan to do the WOD and then again that morning.  Your body needs fluid to move efficiently and allow your blood to flow bringing that much needed oxygen.  The open WOD’s are flat our gassers with little to no time to drink during.

Stretch to warm up and cool down properly.

It is very important to get to the gym early enough to prepare your body for the movements in each WOD.  Perform active, dynamic warm up’s prior to the WOD and longer, sustained stretches afterwards to keep your muscles from cramping or tightening up.  Warm up your muscles and joints using like movements for each skill without spending too much time physically trying each movement.  In other words, don’t burn out warming up!

Know your limits!

Most WOD’s will start with an achievable movement for every skill level that increases in difficulty with time/rounds.  If you cannot lift a certain weight, or perform a certain skill, The Open may not be the time to “go for it.”  Live to train another day.  The overwhelming majority of have less than a 1% chance to qualify for regionals, so it’s not worth injuring yourself and jeopardizing future training for one big lift or rep on a skill you have never performed.  Your body will tire as these WOD’s progress and form suffers when that happens.  Listen to your body and know when to say when.

Fuel your system.

Proper nutrition heading into the open is important if you want to perform your best.  Eat plenty of protein and high quality carbs to give your body the energy it will require for an all-out, energy-draining, mind-pressing WOD.  If you do not know what you should be eating, talk to Peter or one of the trainers for tips on the best foods and times to eat.  Also, use the next couple weeks heading into The Open to test your pre-WOD fuel timing.

Consult with an AZOPT therapist!

Our therapists are not only experts in the biomechanics of your body, but we are Crossfitters as well.  We have worked with Crossfitters since the 2011 CrossFit Games, and have treated many Regional and Games athletes.  We understand why you CrossFit and the demand it puts on your body to perform the movements.  We can assess your current range of motion, strength, and tissue to identify any pain or potential problems that may affect your success.  These problem areas can and should be addresses before an actual injury occurs, and may help to prevent said injury.

For additional resources, check out this article: 5 Ways to Save Your Knees from Crossfit.

AZOPT offers FREE assessments to Crossfitters to answer questions regarding any current aches, pains or injuries as well as to assess non-injured bodies to get you ready for The CrossFit Open.  Please call us at (623) 242-6908 or complete the form below to schedule your FREE assessment now, or at any time during The Open.  Good luck to all during The Open!

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