It’s Time to Get Fit!
By Ryann Roberts, DPT

AzOPT Owner, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Is your gym closed or partially shut down due to COVID-19?  CrossFit Fury is open!  In fact, many CrossFits are open.  If you are looking to get on the fitness train, now is the time.  I am writing this as a long-time member of CrossFit Fury in Goodyear, AZ.  There are many good CrossFit gyms but my specific focus will be on CrossFit Fury.  AzOPT and Fury have long partnered to bring exercise, nutrition, preventative and rehabilitative therapy together.

If you think CrossFit is way out of your league, way too hard or way too intense for you, you are wrong!  Many people see the CrossFit Games on TV and think, I cannot do that.  They see the sculpted bodies, the movements, the intensity, the strain and think – NO WAY!  Comparing a regular CrossFit gym workout to what you see on TV at the Games is like watching the NFL and saying you can’t throw a football around. Better yet, it’s like watching the Tour de France and thinking you should not go for a bike ride because you are not Lance Armstrong.  The CrossFit Games are the special elite of the field, an event to be watched and be amazed.  Classes at Fury are full of everyday, normal people working out, getting fit and staying healthy!  I have been Crossfitting at Fury for the past 9 years and I am in the best physical shape of my life at age 50 (I turned 50 this week actually).

CrossFit does cost more financially than your standard gym but in my opinion, it is worth it.  At CrossFit Fury, you never need to learn to use a machine, figure out how to lift a weight, or determine which movements and exercises are best. Everything is programmed for you. All you need to do is show up. Coaches take you through your warm up, teach proper technique, find movements that benefit you the most, and monitor these movements to avoid injury.

CrossFit movements are based on these functional movements:

  • Deadlifts for picking groceries off the floor
  • Squats for accessing low cabinets
  • Overhead press for putting dishes in the upper cabinets
  • Box step up’s for climbing a ladder
  • Burpees for getting off the floor
  • Strength and cardio for long term cardiovascular health
  • And many, many more……..

While we are still learning more about the effects of COVID-19, one noticeable observation is how the virus is most problematic to those over 70 years of age and/or those with chronic comorbidities such as obesity, hypertension, heart disease, chronic lung disease and diabetes.  You can control most of these!

This virus has highlighted a major epidemic the health and fitness fields have been fighting for years – chronic illness due to poor eating and exercise habits.  In order to protect yourself now and in the future, you need to take control of your health right now.

CrossFit has proven it can reverse many of the listed chronic illness above.  CrossFit is not all about lifting heavy weight, and doing crazy movements – at its core, CrossFit is all about health – and it is the best way to get there.  Below are links to a couple resources for you to start your CrossFit journey.

AzOPT also offers free consultations to ask specific questions about your body, your motion, and any pain or limitations before you begin any exercise program, specifically CrossFit. Many of our physical therapists are members of the CrossFit community and are happy to answer questions at the gym, or in our clinics. We often work hand-in-hand with coaches at CrossFit to modify exercises that keep your fitness journey effective and safe. While my experience is at Fury, there are many wonderful CrossFit boxes throughout the Valley that may be more convenient, and we are happy to assist plugging you in one near you.

Do not be intimidated by what you think CrossFit is, be intimidated by what might happen to you if you decide not to get your health in order.