Utilizing Yoga For Therapy has Multiple Benefits
by Sarah Koppenhoefer-Little, OTR/L
KP West Pediatric Occupational Therapist

For those of us who practice yoga regularly, we are aware of its many benefits. But did you know that it’s good for children, too? Utilizing yoga in therapy sessions, as well as the home, has many benefits for your children, such as:

Improved body awareness and awareness of surroundings

Children gain awareness of where their bodies are in space when maintaining poses

Improved motor planning

Children improve motor planning when transitioning from one pose to another

Managing stress with better coping skills and emotional regulation through breathing, awareness, and controlled movement

Children learn to better regulate their emotions by redirecting their focus

Improved concentration

Children learn to concentrate on their breathing and maintaining poses

Muscle strengthening

Maintaining poses and transitioning between poses improves muscle strength

Better balance

Maintaining poses improves balance

More flexibility

Flexibility is improved through stretching and lengthening of muscles


Yoga has calming and soothing qualities through meditation, holding postures, and moving through series of poses


Attention can be improved through redirection of focus. Providing opportunities for movement can improve attention prior to completion of other activities.

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