My #SuccessStory
by Sergeant Rich

As a 49 year old former college athlete who is very active at work and play, I have suffered my share of injuries. In September, I strained the LCL in my right knee while on-duty. My job requires a lot of knee movement and twisting motions. It hurt to walk, let alone running and performing my normal job duties. I work 50-60 hours each week as a motor sergeant for a local police department, requiring me to get on and off a motorcycle throughout the day. If my day turns south, I may be running after people and jumping over walls. Outside of work, I could not play softball and even struggled to get in and out of the boat (I am an avid bass fisherman).

I have been to physical therapy many times throughout the years. AZOPT Glendale’s Clinic Manager JD Fields is simply the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. Not only am I recovered from my initial injury, but JD and his team developed a plan to strengthen both of my knees. Utilizing advanced techniques I have never experienced, despite going through physical therapy twice previously at other facilities, I know my quality of life has forever improved. Most importantly, I can perform my job duties 100 percent without pain, and still be able to play and coach softball, hike, and fish!

I am forever grateful for the treatment I received at AZOPT. From the receptionist to the therapists, they are all amazing. They truly care about patient recovery and continued quality of life. To anyone currently in pain or needing physical therapy, seek treatment from someone you trust. Make the commitment to follow the treatment plan in order to recover and start living your life again. Life is way too short to waste a single moment not doing the things you love!