My #SuccessStory by Layne S.

Layne is an active, busy, and care-giving 62 year old woman who enjoys golf, photography, walking her dogs, and was just starting to learn Pickle ball.  Her husband was a couple months removed from getting much of his life back after completing an intensive physical therapy program called Big and Loud, specific for people facing Parkinson’s disease.  She didn’t have the time or energy for an injury.  So when Layne stepped out of her golf cart and turned her right knee, she paid it no attention, finished golfing, and even played two more times that week.  But then her knee pain got worse, yet she still ignored it.  She figured the whole “rest, Ibuprofen, and hop around until it feels better” trick would work – that is, until she lost her balance hopping around her kitchen.  That fall led her to Urgent Care, X-Rays, and eventually, AZOPT.

When Layne was evaluated by her husband’s AZOPT physical therapist, Celeste, she was two weeks removed from her initial knee injury.  Yet she still reported pain a 10 out of 10, at worst.  She could not walk, put on her shoes, or bear weight, let alone do the things she loves to do, like golf or needs to do, like help her husband.  “I was terrible at recognizing that when I hurt my knee, I should have done something faster,” said Layne.  “In hindsight, I would have called AZOPT and been seen right away through their free injury screen, just to receive some direction and lessen my pain!”

Upon a thorough evaluation, Layne tested negative for all orthopedic tests for ligaments but positive for one meniscus test.  If she ignored this injury, not only would the pain continue, but Layne was at risk for arthroscopic surgery, or a worse fall.  With skilled physical therapy and treatment, Layne could avoid surgery and return to her active and necessary lifestyle – pain free.  After 4 weeks of twice per week physical therapy that included therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and a home exercise program with Celeste, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Layne reported no pain and a full return to all activities.  “I give full credit to Celeste for her compassionate but no-nonsense approach to my treatment.  She was so knowledgeable.  If one exercise was hurting more, she would immediately modify the therapy to a different exercise that would feel better,” said Layne.

“I imagine there are a lot of people in my community who have pain or have injured themselves.  We are all very active.  I would tell them it’s worth getting checked out sooner, rather than later.  And with AZOPT only using Doctors, not techs or aides, I felt my care was in the hands of the most qualified people to help me return to the things I need and love to do.  Do as they say, and you’ll do well, too!