Recently, the Federal Government and State of Arizona made changes to allow virtual visits for physical, occupational, and speech therapy. While all of our clinics will remain open, we will be scheduling patients virtually who wish to take additional safety precautions.

What is a Virtual Visit (Telehealth/E-Visit)?

A virtual visit is an opportunity to connect with your therapist through a live Internet video to check progress, create efficient treatment plans, and discuss home care. These short sessions are meant to guide you and keep you on track during your quarantine. While nothing can replace the hands on, therapist-led interaction, this visit is better than putting your treatment plan on hold.

How long is my virtual visit?

A typical virtual visit will last approximately 30-45 minutes, depending on the therapy.

Will insurance cover my virtual visit?

Yes, insurances will be covering virtual visits; however, our team will verify your specific insurance coverage prior to your first virtual appointment.

What therapies will be offered virtually?

All AzOPT and Kids Place therapists will be available for virtual visits. Front offices will be working with interested patients to schedule available times.

How will we connect for my virtual visit?

You have the choice between Facetime or Zoom Conference for your virtual visits.

Facetime can be accessed on your iPhone, iPad or Apple computer.

Zoom Conference – An invitation listing the date and time for your virtual visit will be emailed to you. When it is time for your appointment, click on the link that is in the invitation. It will prompt you to click to launch the program.

How can I schedule my virtual visit?

Please call the front office of your specific location for scheduling.

For more information about our services, or to schedule an appointment, call our office at (623) 242-6908 or request an appointment online today.