There are two main types of stretching: static and dynamic. Static stretching is the type of stretching most people are familiar with. It typically consists of getting into a position until you feel a stretch on a specific muscle or muscle group, then holding that position for a given period of time. Dynamic stretching involves continuously moving in and out of a stretched position.

Static stretching is beneficial in your everyday life. It helps improve your overall flexibility which can improve daily activities such as squatting, kneeling, bending, and performing household chores.  Dynamic stretching is ideal as the  core warm up to your sports and activities because it activates muscles you will use while improving range of motion and body awareness.

Why don’t we static stretch before exercise?  Because static stretching prior to a workout is counterproductive. It forces the muscle(s) being stretch to temporarily relax, which can in turn create a strength imbalance and increase the risk of injury. Static stretching reduces blood flow to the muscles and decreases its ability to generate force. Prior to exercise, you should be looking for dynamic stretches.

The following are static stretches:

Week 1: The Upper Trapezius

Week 2: The Chest Stretch

Week 3: The Wrist Stretch

Week 4: The Shoulder Stretch

Week 5: The Tricep Stretch

Week 6: The Prayer Stretch

Week 7: The Hamstring Stretch

Week 8: The Quad Stretch

Week 9: The Piriformis Stretch

Week 10: The Hip Flexor Stretch

Week 11: The Calf Stretch

The following are dynamic stretches:

Week 12: Dynamic Knee to Chest Stretch

Week 13: Dynamic Hamstring and Hip Flexor Stretch

Week 14: Dynamic Hip Adductor/Abductor Stretch

Week 15: Small Skip Dynamic Warm Up

Week 16: Trunk Rotations

Week 17: Arm Circles

Week 18: Dynamic Lunges

Week 19: Lateral Shuffle with Hips

Week 20: Carioca/Grapevines

Week 21: Inchworm Crawl

Week 22: Bear Hug (with hold)

Week 23: Hurdle Step Overs

The following are activity-based stretches:

Week 24: Super Lunge

Week 25: Sleeper Stretch

Week 26: Lying Quadriceps Stretch

Week 27: Hip Flexor and Mobilization

Week 28: Posterior Hip Stretch

Week 29: Active Hamstring Stretch

Week 30: Side Lying Thoracic Rotation

Week 31: Thoracic Extension with Rotation

Week 32: Genie Stretch for Posterior Shoulder

Week 33: Posterior Shoulder Mobilization

Week 34: Rocking Ankle Mobilization

Week 35: Plantar Fascia Stretch