AZOPT’s Patient of the Month

Mike had been training for months to prepare for a triathlon with his family. One day, after a vigorous ramp up to his training, he experienced significant pain in his right knee. Overuse injuries are common in athletes from the increased stress being placed on their body. Mike was in need of some help, and came to AZOPT Glendale for an evaluation with Clinic Manager JD Fields, DPT. Throughout the next month, JD focused on manual therapy to improve hip and ankle mobility, strength training to build the muscles to correct imbalances, and training modification to allow his body to heal throughout the process. Additionally, Mike worked hard with his home exercise program to meet his goal of participating in the upcoming triathlon. We are proud to say on April 30, Mike survived the Pensacola Marathon in Florida along with 20 mile per hour winds to finish third in his age category. More importantly, he beat all of his friends and relatives! Congratulations Mike on your huge accomplishments!