Halloween Themed Outdoor Activities for Children
By the Kids Place Pediatric Physical Therapists

As snow and cold weather sweeps through many parts of the country, this time of year is a perfect reminder to why we live in Arizona.  The beautiful weather outdoors plays host to many possibilities of games and activities.  In the spirit of Halloween, we want to introduce you to some themed games that are sure to be fun for your children, but also beneficial to their development.

spiderwebSpider Web Maze

With a piece of chalk, draw a large spider web on the ground.  Using paper, plastic, or extra candy, place the “spiders” along the lines of the web.  Have your child walk the lines of the spider web, keeping both feet on the line, and count how many “spiders” they can grab in one minute without stepping off the lines.  This game is beneficial in that it improves coordination and balance.

Candy Grab

Dump a bucket of candy on the floor.  Using only their toes, see how quickly your child can pick up the candy and place it in a bucket.  This will work your child’s ankle strength and balance.

Candy Hopscotch

Draw hopscotch on the ground.  Throw the candy on the ground to skip that step.  All you will need is chalk and your Halloween candy.  This game will benefit your child’s jumping, coordination, and balance.

Spider Web Catch

This game can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.  Using painter’s tape, build a spider web in an open hallway or tree.  Crumble up some newspaper into various sized balls, and count how many your child can throw and stick in the spider web.  Throwing is a gross motor task that can be improved with items typically found in your house!

This Halloween, we are challenging families to use their candies in ways other than eating.  There are many additional games and activities that can be played for Halloween or any time of the year.  These ideas do not have to involve a lot of equipment or work.  The most important thing is to get up and play outdoors with your children.  Performing these activities with your children provides the proper foundation to encourage consistent exercise and activity!

We would like to hear from you.  What types of outdoor activities do you play with your children during Halloween?