“No Techs, No Aides, No Assistants” is our commitment that each patient will be treated by a licensed physical therapist at every visit – so patients can rest assured their needs are addressed at EVERY session.

By employing only licensed physical therapists to provide our physical therapy care, our patients experience:

Higher Quality of Service

Today’s physical therapist is required to complete a graduate degree – either a masters or clinical doctorate – from an accredited education program before taking the national licensure exam that allows them to practice.  By comparison, there are no educational guidelines for physical therapy techs.  A tech can be an individual with a basic certification or a high school student aspiring to be a physical therapist.

Continuum of Care

We never “hand off” our patients to less educated staff to guide the patient’s experience. AZOPT therapists are in direct control of all the manual therapy and exercise throughout a session, giving us the ability to adjust programs in real time to meet goals. Only a licensed physical therapist, not a tech, has this ability.

More Hands on Therapy

By not packing our schedules like other clinics, AZOPT therapists can spend more time one-on-one with each patient, utilizing our expertise and passion for manual therapy.  This unique approach provides optimal results and returns patients to Feel Better! faster.

Ultimately, less visits

The AZOPT Difference means less visits- less time, less money, and a faster return to life! AZOPT patients report faster recovery times, stronger healing, and reduced instances of re-injury.

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