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  • Peter Egyed

    I have been treated by Ryann and his team at AZOPT for more than 3 years. It started with a lingering shoulder injury, but I quickly saw the benefit for my overall performance. As a competitive CrossFitter, I am always asking more from my body and pushing my limits. Using Ryann as part of my training and recovery program has helped keep me injury free and improve at a faster pace. I refer our members to AZOPT because whether they have an old ache or pain, a new injury, or very specific performance goals, Ryann and the AZOPT team help them improve faster.

  • Stacy Leard

    When I found AZOPT last summer, I had been seeing a podiatrist who wanted to use medication and orthopedic inserts to treat the pain and not the problem itself. After finishing therapy in August, I eased back into running. In November, I successfully ran a Ragnar Trail and in January, I met my ultimate goal – running a half marathon! I am virtually pain free and back to spending full days of teaching on my feet. I am grateful for the extra time and effort Matt put into working with my running cadence and helping me strengthen overlooked muscles. I have dramatically changed my running form, and am excited to be training for another Ragnar Race this March. I highly recommend AZOPT!

    Stacy Leard
  • Lisa Murphy

    At Kids Place, the children come first... I know this firsthand. Audrey, my four-year old daughter, has been a patient since 2010, and I am impressed continually with the therapists' professionalism, patience and dedication to their patients and patient families. We are greeted by name and with smiles every visit. My daughter looks forward to her weekly appointments and tries her best because she loves her therapists. I highly recommend AZOPT Kids Place. They have made a huge difference in Audrey's life, and I can't thank them enough!

    Lisa Murphy
  • Flora Massaro-McCoy

    I've had Physical Therapy at other facilities but your staff and facility at your Goodyear location are the best. With the help of JD and his student, I'm quickly regaining strength and mobility after my knee replacement. Cellenie, at your front desk, is always cheerful and professional; she greets every client with a smile. They are all assets to your organization and deserve to be publicly acknowledged for their professionalism and customer service.

    Flora Massaro-McCoy

  • John Ruck

    After several years of sedentary living and being a little overweight prior to retirement I knew my misaligned spine was causing upper and middle back aches resulting in headaches and stiff legs. My golf swing was so pitiful I looked like a contortionist when swinging the club. Enough was enough, and I decided to do something about it. After a few months in the customized healing program I have perfect alignment of my spine with no caches, pain or stiffness; have lost 12 pounds; have increased body strength; and the healing program was covered 100% by Medicare and supplemental insurance to boot.

    John Ruck
  • Charlotte Sessoms

    Celeste presented information to our PebbleCreek Parkinson’s Support Group. Not only was she knowledgeable and positive, but she handled our questions with grace and some humor. And the presence of some humor in the face of Parkinson’s is a big deal. Her LSVT BIG program will be an asset to our group, and the convenience of AZOPT’s location is an added bonus! Prepare to be even busier!

    Charlotte Sessoms

  • Sue Turner

    What a wonderful facility. I began to have neck pain shortly after leaving my home state for a three-month stay in Arizona, and thought I would cut my trip short until receiving a referral from a friend to AZOPT. I assumed everything would be a hassle – insurance, scheduling, location, etc. – and almost did not call. Thankfully, I did. Their front office contacted my insurance company and scheduled me immediately to see Ryann. In my first appointment, Ryann spent an hour working on my neck. There was strengthening equipment to assist in my therapy. I was able to schedule future appointments with ease. The staff at AZOPT is professional, accommodating, knowledgeable, and just overall – super nice people. With a situation that had me in tears and stressed, I was truly lucky to find AZOPT and be able to enjoy my stay in Arizona.

    Sue Turner
  • Patricia Casella

    In November of 2008 I had a total knee replacement. Ryann Roberts, my therapist, took the time to work with me personally and create a treatment plan that has helped to restore my quality of life. I found the wonderful and caring staff at Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy worked together to ensure my success. Ryann took great care of me every step of the way.

    Patricia Casella
  • Ashley McKerlie

    When we first started at Kid’s Place in 2011 for occupational therapy with my son, the first 3 months of sessions were filled with tantrums and crying. Throughout that time, the Kid’s Place staff and Josh kept his sessions consistent and structured while never giving up and keeping a fun, work environment. Slowly, as my son calmed down, his success during therapy grew and grew until he began to love therapy. It takes a special person to work with special needs, and Kid’s Place has a whole staff of special people that really do make a difference.

    Ashley McKerlie
  • Barb & Jeff Stone

    AZOPT has become an integral part of our physical well-being. We’ve been using them since February 2007, starting with post back surgery rehab and progressing to sports injuries. They have never failed to get us in, in a timely manner. Unlike many PT groups who use assistants, all therapy is performed by the therapists. For us, this is a big plus.

    Barb & Jeff Stone