The emphasis of the health sciences on fitness and wellness has brought to women’s attention a need to pay closer attention to their bodies during recreation, work, and throughout life.  Our physical therapists have successful experience treating women with a variety of medical conditions.  Our therapists use every facet of their physical therapy training to evaluate and treat female clients, promoting and enhancing health through the life span.  All treatments are individually designed after thorough evaluation.

Examples of women’s issues we treat include:

  • Pre/postnatal Care
  • Helping moms maintain the strength, endurance, and flexibility needed as they prepare and care for their new baby.
  • Pregnancy Back Pain
  • Instruction in proper stretching and stabilization exercises to assist in decreasing the stress on the lower back as your body changes throughout pregnancy with use of hands-on treatment to decrease pain and alleviate symptoms of back pain.
  • Postural Education (pre/postnatal)
  • Assistance in proper postures for breast feeding, holding, carrying and lifting your child and all their equipment, to decrease the strain on your back and neck as well as help restore strength to the muscles that stabilization the spine.
  • Hands-on treatment will help to stretch tight muscles and ease pain associated with poor posture.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Instruction in correct and safe exercises to improve balance, strength and function in order to decrease the occurrence of falls.
  • Manual therapy will decrease pain and relieve tightness.
  • Education in postural exercises and instruction in exercises you can perform safely at home.
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