sports injury rehab


AZOPT therapists are athletes, runners, cross trainers, weight lifters, softball players, CrossFitters, and more. Our experts’ unique perspective allows us to understand the demands athletes place on their bodies while training and competing. Through the AZOPT Movement Assessment, we strive to prevent injuries by identifying pain, limitations, and dysfunctions that may lead to future concerns or affect your success. However, injuries do happen.

Whether the young athlete, the weekend warrior, the serious competitor, or the active adult – you deserve physical therapists who understand the demands of your sport. We’ll develop a comprehensive, personalized plan to treat the injury and address stabilizing muscles that will prevent future injuries. We work with coaches, athletic trainers, and schools to ensure our athletes return to sport as quickly and safely as possible with minimal risk for re-injury.

If you would like more information about rehabilitation of your hip, knee, or shoulder replacement, call (623) 242–6908 or request an appointment online today.