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The AzOPT Tempe approach to physical therapy treatment is to provide an environment that promotes healing and encourages active involvement from each patient. We do not pack our physical therapists’ schedules by using techs to guide our patients’ experience. Therefore, our physical therapists spend more time with each patient utilizing techniques proven to work faster. Our physical therapists prefer to use their best tool – their hands – to reduce overall pain, release scar tissue, and improve blood flow at the tissue level.

Our Tempe physiotherapists will also educate patients about their specific condition and provide them with the tools and resources to help heal.

“No Techs, No Aides, No Assistants” is our commitment that each patient will be treated by a licensed physical therapist at every visit – so patients can rest assured their needs are addressed at EVERY session.

Physical therapy from Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy (AzOPT) in the West Valley
Physical therapy from Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy (AzOPT) in the West Valley

By employing only licensed physical therapists in Tempe to provide our physical therapy care, our patients’ experience:

  • Higher Quality of Service
  • Continuum of Care
  • More Hands-on Therapy
  • Ultimately, fewer visits

We look forward to helping you with all your physical therapy needs!

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AzOPT Tempe is located at:

1700 E. Elliot Road #16
Tempe, AZ 85284

Northwest corner of Elliot Road and McClintock Dr.

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♦ Physical Therapy
Dry Needling
Blood Flow Restriction
♦ General Orthopedics
♦ Joint Replacement Rehab
♦ Pre- & Post-Surgical Rehab
♦ Injury Prevention
♦ Sports Injury Rehab
♦ Balance/Gait Training
♦ Vestibular Rehabilitation
♦ Workers Compensation
♦ Motor Vehicle Accidents

AzOPT Tempe will be led by Ian Larson, DPT, Cert DN. Ian joined AzOPT in 2017 at our Buckeye location, and has experience treating a variety of populations from school-aged children to Geriatrics. He is certified in Dry Needling.

Ian received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Franklin Pierce University in Goodyear AZ, and his Bachelors of Science in Biology from The University of Minnesota Twin cities. In his free time, he enjoys teaching martial arts, specifically Tang Soo Do (Ian is a 4th degree black belt) and Hapkido (Ian is a 1st degree black belt). Together with his wife, Stephanie, and their two sons, Michael and Matthew, Ian runs a martial arts school that will be located adjacent to AZOPT Tempe.

Through his martial arts, Ian has been given the title Neuromuscular Specialist, helping other black belts across the region with injury prevention. Through his school, Ian also provides community service events to the public in order to make it a better and safer place.

Check out the new AzOPT Tempe physical therapy clinic:

For more information about our services, or to schedule an appointment, call our office at (623) 242-6908 or request an appointment online today.