Make sure your body is ready for high intensity workouts!

Most people know AZOPT through our success treating injuries, post-surgical patients, chronic pain, and other various symptoms.  However, did you know AZOPT physical therapists are experts in prevention, too?  Our Doctors of Physical Therapy know your musculoskeletal system like the back of their own hand, and can diagnose an imbalance before it becomes an injury.

Whether you participate in sports, Crossfit, XGT, or another high intensity workout, your body needs to be firing perfectly to achieve the best results without risking injury.  Many injuries and surgeries can be prevented.  Don’t wait – request your FREE Movement Assessment today!

Our FREE movement assessment identifies any dysfunctions, imbalances or limitations that may cause a future injury.  Through the assessment, a licensed physical therapist will:

  • Identify and pains or limitations that may affect your success.
  • Teach additional stretches and exercises designed to improve your body’s function during workouts.
  • Help prevent injuries by determining specific muscle weaknesses and address them with a strengthening program.
  • Evaluate stabilizing muscles to support the high intensity activities.

Get the answers you need, and the peace of mind to know how to prevent future medical bills.  Register Today for your FREE movement assessment.  Please complete the below form:

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